• The police justify the use of tear gas in Ferraz in the face of ultras with iron bars and the agents demand the dismissal of the government delegate
  • The PP calls for peaceful protests "so that Sánchez does not manage to divert attention from his indecency" and the PSOE accuses him of not overcoming his defeat after 11-M

The Ministry of the Interior has reinforced the number of agents who will ensure security in Ferraz this afternoon, where a new protest is called against the future amnesty law that the PSOE is negotiating with the independence movement in view of the investiture of Pedro Sánchez. In view of the events that took place on Monday afternoon, in which riot police had to use tear gas and smoke canisters as a deterrent, the Interior Ministry has decided to increase the number of troops to increase security.

Tuesday's rally is expected to surpass Monday's, which brought together some 3,800 people, according to the Government Delegation. Faced with the "aggressive mood" of the demonstrators, the socialist leadership has asked all territorial leaders not to convene activities at the party's regional headquarters.

The battleship of the socialist headquarters in Madrid has been gaining meters as the days go by. It was already seen this Monday, when the National Police cut off access to Ferraz from Calle del Buen Suceso and other nearby roads, and deployed dozens of agents both in the vicinity of the headquarters and in front of the fence of the demonstration.

What happened on Monday night marks the concentration on Tuesday: at 21:30 p.m., and as a warning, the agents of the Police Intervention Unit (UIP) closest to the fence used smoke canisters. Shortly after, they used tear gas and charged at the front-row demonstrators when they saw that several individuals were trying to break the fence and throwing objects at the police device.

According to the reports, during the course of the demonstration, people with "ultra aesthetics" were gaining positions until the front rows of the rally. After the altercations, the National Police seized an iron bar, three wooden sticks and three extendable sticks, among other objects.

In that cloud of gas, the concentration was dissolved, but there were races and several groups of demonstrators remained in the vicinity of Ferraz. Some took refuge from tear gas in bars and doorways; others did so within the parish of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. One of the three arrests for attacks against authority took place at its gates.

Meanwhile, the races and police charges expanded to practically the area around Calle Princesa, especially along Calle Marqués de Urquijo. It was in these sections, as well as in surrounding streets, where containers and other elements of urban furniture were also overturned.

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