From July 3 this year, homeowners who heat their home with direct-acting electricity or gas can apply for a grant from the National Board of Housing, Building and Planning to replace the heating system with a more energy-efficient one.

The initiative came after last winter's high energy prices. According to Energy Minister Ebba Busch (KD), the purpose of the subsidy is to reduce the electricity and gas needs of the single-family housing stock and to make households less sensitive to high electricity prices.

According to Åsa Eklund Öberg, energy and climate coordinator at the County Administrative Board of Gävleborg, there are more than 600,000 households in Sweden that heat their houses with direct-acting electricity or gas, and who can be granted the grant.

"It's also an act of solidarity. If we use less electricity, we all get cheaper electricity prices," she says.

A large proportion of the applications that have been received so far have been rejected, says Åsa Eklund Öberg. For example, you cannot receive a grant to replace the heating system in an accessory building such as a garage, garden shed or garden house. Nor can you get a grant to switch to a wood-fired boiler, as the couple outside Hudiksvall have done.

Who can receive the grant – and how much? Listen to Åsa, who knows everything about the contribution, in the clip above.