The plaintiff's counsel Leutrim Kadriu represents the murdered Lauren Spaho and his family. During his closing argument, Kadriu demanded that the two suspects be sentenced to life imprisonment, and that they jointly and severally pay damages of SEK 110,000 each to Lauren's mother, father and younger brother.

Both the 26-year-old and the 21-year-old deny that they were involved in the murder of Lauren Spaho, but the plaintiff's counsel believes that the prosecutors have succeeded in proving their guilt.

"My view is that the evidence that has been presented is sufficient for a conviction.

Lauren Spaho's family resides in the town of Krocë in Albania and has not been able to participate in the trial. The family has previously lived in Sweden, but were deported in 2018. Lauren Spaho was in Karlstad as a tourist when he was murdered with two stab wounds on Drottninggatan in Karlstad in early May 2023.

In the feature above, the plaintiff's counsel explains why he thinks the suspects should be sentenced to life.