With the increasing spread of images of the tragedies of the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip in the world, Tel Aviv is following with great concern a noticeable decline in its battle before international public opinion to justify the continuation of its war on the Gaza Strip.

Israel considers continued international support important to continue the war, now in its second month, and expects it to last longer as its military fails to meet the goals it has set for the war.

As it launched the war, Israel used scenes of settlements in the Gaza Strip envelope during Operation Al-Aqsa Flood on October 7, gaining Western support, especially from the United States.

However, with the images of destruction and killing in the Gaza Strip, international public opinion has begun to tilt in favor of the Palestinians, which has already been and continues to be expressed in demonstrations in Arab, European and international capitals, including in the United States.

The Palestinian narrative dominates

Israel's Channel 12 said on Tuesday that a month later, we are facing a new reality: the images that shine in the international media are images of killing and destruction in Gaza, not images coming from settlements.

It seems that the story of the Israeli advocacy is not succeeding enough to allow enough space for the army's activities.

Images and the dominance of the Palestinian narrative influence public opinion in the world, and from there on the way Israel's leaders prioritize action, and for this reason, the IDF is constantly working against the countdown timer, which no one really knows when it will end.

UN and international institutions hardly stop broadcasting scenes of killing and destruction in Gaza and appeals for a ceasefire, while deploring the ban on the entry of medical supplies, food, fuel and electricity into the Gaza Strip.

Israel is not satisfied with the positions of UN and international institutions, especially since it enjoys high credibility with people in the world.

Until now, Israel cannot afford itself the breathing space it wants, and this may make it difficult to achieve the goal it has set for itself, or force it to rush, and thus increase the chance of making mistakes.

This point, a month after the fighting began, is crucial for the fighting to continue, she said. Israel entered this war when in fact it had no plans for the next day.

Angry world opinion

Since Saturday, former Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has been actively switching between local television stations in an attempt to enlist support for the continuation of the war.

On Saturday, Bennett wrote on the X platform: "Tonight I will take a political media tour in New York and Washington. Our international situation is not good."

"My goal is to help the Israeli government strengthen our position in public opinion, in Congress and in the administration in order to give IDF commanders full freedom to act to eliminate Hamas," he said.

The IDF has deployed large numbers of reservists, as well as spokespersons, to speak to foreign media in defense of the war.

In addition, dozens of Israeli journalists have been recruited to spread the Israeli narrative on social media platforms.

Jewish demonstrations against the war

Israelis were greatly shocked by the participation of Jews around the world in demonstrations in support of a ceasefire in Gaza and the cessation of the war, after the emergence of a remarkable role for Jewish groups in the United States against the Gaza war, in demonstrations in New York, Washington, San Francisco and elsewhere.

Attila Somfalvi, in an article in Yedioth Ahronoth on Monday, said that "a hateful gathering of haters of Israel has come to light," adding that the most surprising of them are Jews who are engaged in a smear campaign against their nation.

Israel is also concerned about the growing demonstrations around the world against the war, while Bennett went so far as to attack these demonstrations, which are attended by hundreds of thousands of people around the world, including New York, where he was there.

From New York, Bennett wrote Sunday in an X post: "I am surprised and disgusted by the fact that there are so many pro-Hamas protests around the world. It's unimaginable."