Ghazi Hamad, a member of Hamas' political bureau, said that the United States' talk about the movement's lack of place in the future of the Gaza Strip reflects its failure to achieve any achievement on the ground, and its conviction that Hamas has become a political and military force controlling the course of events.

Hamad told Al Jazeera that the United States and Israel are trying to rearrange the situation in Gaza while achieving nothing on the ground other than killing civilians and destroying hospitals and civilian facilities.

He stressed that Washington and Tel Aviv are losing their reputations, soldiers and vehicles in Gaza on a daily basis, and that the prestige that Israel enjoyed has been broken forever and will not return.

Hamad also stressed that arranging the situation in Gaza "is a purely Palestinian affair and Hamas will be part of it against their will, because it is part of the national fabric that stands today with the resistance, the right to establish a state and the rejection of occupation."

A member of Hamas' political bureau said that "no Palestinian party will cooperate with the Americans in this matter," and that "if they try to search for some fragile and weak parties, the Palestinians will thwart this suspicious plan as they thwarted the deal of the century," he said.

Hamad explained that he is not only talking about Hamas, "but about all the Palestinians who have become fully aware that the United States is not working for them, but for the occupation and are trying to empty Gaza of resistance to provide security for Israel."

He stressed that Gaza will remain insurmountable to normalization and will remain "a thorn in the side of the Americans and Israelis."

Hamad attributed the talk of Washington and Tel Aviv about arranging the future of Gaza without Hamas to their awareness of the fact that the movement is currently moving events and that it has become a capable force politically and militarily after it moved the region and the world on the seventh of last October.

He concluded that the whole world realized that the Palestinians under occupation could no longer remain under occupation given what happened on the seventh of October, and also given the prices they paid, stressing that the resistance broke the prestige of the occupation and caused it a great failure.

Hamad challenged Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu or his army spokesman to provide one proof of a real military achievement on the ground, and stressed that the United States is no longer a great power in the Middle East.

Hamad called on the Palestinian Authority not to deal with the United States and not to come to Gaza on the back of an American tank, and addressed President Mahmoud Abbas, saying, "Rejecting what the Americans are planning will be written for you in history, because they will fail anyway."

He said the PA's silence on U.S. claims that it accepted a role in Gaza after Hamas raised question marks, but stressed that the enclave would never become a U.S. province.

He stressed that the Palestinian Authority should clearly declare its rejection of America's plans and not accept coming on the backs of tanks, as it has previously rejected the deal of the century, adding, "This is what we expect from the Authority."

Hamad described the Arab regimes that participate in the discussion of "the future of Gaza after the defeat of Hamas" as "helpless and failing, as they were unable to help the people of the Gaza Strip in these harsh conditions and in light of these massacres and holocausts."

Regarding the issue of the cessation of war conditional on the release of civilian detainees, Hamad said that the resistance tried to present steps in this file, but the Israeli side did not deal with these steps and at the same time was unable to free a single prisoner or detainee, nor did it succeed in harming Hamas as promised.

Hamad said that the resistance "is the one who will break the head of the occupation and the head of Netanyahu," stressing that the movement is communicating with all parties in order to bring aid to the Palestinians and support them humanely in light of the starvation campaign they are subjected to.