Despite what some may consider "good luck" to have the option of leaving the Gaza Strip, which is witnessing the most violent aggression from the Israeli occupation, which has killed more than 10,<> martyrs since its beginning a month ago, many Gazans with foreign passports show pain and heartbreak as they are forced to leave their land.

Either stay and wait for death, which has become closer to all those in Gaza than his land, in light of the continuous bombardment that has not spared a house, mosque, street, or even a hospital and a school, or leave for homes of living and live with pain, pain and fear for those who will leave them behind, under the weight of this painful circumstance without a helper or supporter.

"We are created from the soil of this homeland," says the sixtieth lady, confirming her attachment to the Gaza Strip despite her departure from it, and tells how her visit to the Gaza Strip was joyful and then suddenly turned into fear, panic and panic with the aggression that the Israeli occupation did, one of the manifestations of which was the cutting of water and electricity and continuous shelling.

"What we saw was not seen by anyone. What the people of Gaza are subjected to is a war of ethnic and mass extermination," she said, adding, "Before I looked, I deposited my house with God, Lord of the Worlds, and I prostrated myself on his land and prayed to make it again even if it was dust."

It is noteworthy that the Rafah crossing was opened last Monday to allow the evacuation of foreigners and dual nationals stranded in the besieged enclave, which Israel has bombarded since October 7.