The text contains information that is revealed in the last section of Documents from Within: Stalker.

For several years, Felix Åkerlund received harassment from an unknown 072 number. He received threatening text messages, often several times a day. Someone used the number to contact his employer with information that he assaulted and raped. Girls received text messages about Felix, which led to rumours that he had, for example, raped and drugged girls.

"Everyone knows who he is, what he's done, but no one knows him. It was like an urban legend," says Skellefteå resident Jessica.

Felix kept the harassment a secret for a long time. That is, until he met his future wife, Nina. She saw all the text messages and quickly guessed from the content of the messages who was behind it all.

The stalker called the landlord

After that, the harassment began to affect Nina as well. Someone called her landlord, pretended to be a police officer, and accused Nina of being a potential drug dealer. After some digging, Nina realized that the "police" had called from the 072 number.

Called on Facetime

During the same time period, Jessica received one of the mysterious text messages about Felix. She called it on Facetime and on the other end her former co-worker showed up.

It was also the same person that Nina suspected initially. Felix Åkerlund and Nina reported the matter to the police, and the police confiscated the person's phone. There, they found more evidence that tied her to the 072 number. The person denied that she was behind the text messages and claimed during the trial that she herself had been subjected to the same harassment. But since the police could see, among other things, that a SIM card with the 072 number had been used in her phone, she was still convicted of unlawful stalking, slander and impersonation of a public position. The judgment has been appealed to the Court of Appeal, which upheld the District Court's judgment. She has been asked to participate in Documents from Within: Stalker but has declined.

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