The Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza announced on Tuesday that the death toll from Israeli raids on the Strip since October 7 has risen to 10,328 Palestinians, and more than 25,<> others have been injured.

This came at a press conference by Ministry spokesman Ashraf al-Qudra, in front of Al-Shifa Hospital, whose surroundings are subjected to continuous Israeli shelling in Gaza City.

Among the martyrs, he said, were 4237,2719 children, 631,<> women and <> elderly people.

Medical personnel are the target of aggression

He explained that the death toll of medical personnel reached 192, in addition to the destruction of 40 ambulances and their outage as a result of the Israeli aggression.

He stressed that the Israeli occupation targeted more than 120 health institutions, which led to the outage of 18 hospitals and 40 primary care centers due to Israeli targeting and running out of fuel.

The occupation expanded its war on the hospitals of the Gaza Strip, where the past hours witnessed the targeting of 7 hospitals in Gaza and the north, (including Al-Shifa Complex), killing 13 martyrs and 140 wounded.

The Israeli army is demanding the evacuation of hospitals in the Gaza Strip, where the Rantisi Children's Specialized Hospital received a threat to evacuate it in preparation for its bombing.

Ashraf al-Qidra said that it is clear that the occupation deliberately targets the basic necessities of life in the Gaza Strip, especially in hospitals, where medical teams have so far not found a crumb of bread, and barely a drink of water in Gaza and the north.

Corpses in the streets

He pointed out that there are hundreds of victims forced by the occupation to flee from northern to southern Gaza, and said that there are a large number of victims and bodies of martyrs on the ground, and ambulances have not been able to retrieve them until now.

The Palestinian official renewed his call for providing a safe humanitarian passage for the entry of medical supplies, aid and fuel, ensuring the exit of the wounded outside Gaza, and the entry of specialized medical delegations to hospitals in the Gaza Strip.

In the context, the Government Media Office in Gaza said that about 22% of the total population of the Gaza Strip have become direct victims of the Israeli aggression, either martyrs or wounded, pointing out that hospitals in the Gaza Strip receive an average of wounded every minute and 15 martyrs every hour.