SVT has spoken to a person responsible for the school where the alleged violations took place.

"I know of at least two reports," he says.

The nurse will also work at other schools. It is unclear whether she is still in service there.

"We demanded that she should not be here at all. Our trust has been spent. She has crossed a line when it comes to young children and the type of teaching that she had, says the person in charge of the school.

According to the letter, the school nurse told students to go home and and then when they met her in the hallway, give her a thumbs up if they did. Is that true?

"I can't comment on what has transpired. That will have to be done by the police.

They can't say how many students are affected, but they say it's a class.

"We got to grips with it as soon as we got the information. It was on a Friday. We went on all weekend and Monday and had conversations with parents and students in the class in question.

Had the school nurse been with you for a long time?

"Yes, she has been active for many years and has been trusted and liked by everyone. There have been no previous oddities.

This must have come as a shock to you?

"It did. Absolute.

Do you know more about the incident? Get in touch with SVT Nyheter Gävleborg on 026 54 54 54 or Photo: SVT Grafik