, Berlin, October 10 -- The Chinese Computer Society (GCI) held an annual exchange meeting with the theme of "AIGC and Generative Artificial Intelligence" in the university town of Tübingen, Germany on the 30th and 28th.

The annual meeting will be held simultaneously in the form of offline and online live broadcasts, aiming to promote scientific and technological innovation and in-depth discussions on the progress and trends in related technologies such as generative AI, general AI, computer vision, brain-computer interfaces, and autonomous driving. Experts and scholars from different fields conducted in-depth exchanges on related topics.

Group photo of participants at the main venue in Germany. Courtesy of GCI

The annual meeting was supported by the Education Section of the Chinese Embassy in Germany, the China Computer Federation (CCF), the German Innovation Center in Zhongguancun, CRB Robotics AG, MorningSun Technology, and Coxemp Academy.

In China, GCI and the China Computer Federation (CCF) jointly held the 5th Sino-German Intelligent Robot Forum in Shenyang, China. The forum brought together members of the German Academy of Engineering, robotics experts and business leaders to present the latest work and research results.

At the venue in Tübingen, Germany, Dr. Xu Jiahua, Vice Chairman of GCI, presided over the meeting, and Dr. Li Qiang, President of GCI, delivered a welcome speech and introduced the important guests attending the meeting. In addition, Tian Tian, representative of the German Science and Technology Innovation Center in Zhongguancun, and Professor Jiang Linhua from the Overseas Science and Technology Innovation Alliance also delivered speeches respectively.

In the re-election of the Council, a new Board of Directors composed of 11 members was elected on the spot, and Dr. Li Ningfei, Dr. Su Libo and Dr. Lei Shengguang joined the Council team. Subsequently, Dr. Li Qiang made an annual work report, and Bi Yan, director of GCI, made a financial report for the 2022-2023 society.

During the event, Huang Huiyan, Vice Chairman of GCI, also signed a cooperation agreement with Liu Jing, Director and Executive Deputy General Manager of Rizhao Talent Development Group Co., Ltd. and General Manager of Rizhao International Exchange Service Center Co., Ltd., and the two sides exchanged views on future scientific and technological cooperation. (ENDS)