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Crispin Blunt, a British Conservative Party MP, was arrested on Wednesday for rape and drug possession. The incident came on the same day as the suspension of another Tory MP, Peter Bone, for sexual harassment and misconduct against a male staff member.

Scotland Yard, for its part, confirmed early Thursday afternoon the arrest of a man, on suspicion of rape and possession of "substances", without directly mentioning his status as an MP. The detainee was released on bail and hours later his identity was confirmed on social media.

Crispin Blunt, 63, a former secretary of state for prisons, confirmed that he had been questioned twice and said he had decided to cooperate with the ongoing investigation, although he avoided commenting on his guilt or innocence. The MP is the uncle of renowned British-American actress Emily Blunt, winner of a Golden Globe.

Another Conservative MP was also arrested in May 2022 and for sexual assault and rape, although he has not yet been charged and his case is under investigation. His name was not made public after a year and a half.

This week's arrest is in any case the latest in a successive string of sex scandals involving Conservative MPs, including Chris Pincher, who was suspended for groping two men while drunk in a club. His case contributed to the downfall as prime minister of Boris Johnson, who promoted him in the parliamentary group despite his record for inappropriate conduct, in the final stretch of Partygate.

Two other Tory MPs have been held to court and ended up behind bars in the last parliamentary term in as many sex scandals. Charlie Elphicke was sentenced in 2020 to two years in prison on three counts of sexual assault of two women. The most notorious case, however, was that of Imran Ahmad Khan, sentenced to 18 months for sexually assaulting a 15-year-old boy.

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