He reached out to the women on the dating app Tinder. After that, relations skyrocketed, and after a while he started asking for money. A lot of money. He managed to swindle over two million kronor.

"He's been a charmer, or as they used to put it – sun and spring. He has charmed his victims and then cheated them out of money, says public prosecutor Per-Axel Rosén Beck.

Showed fake bank account

A sick relative abroad or being blackmailed for money himself were some of the reasons why he needed financial help. And to reassure the women, he showed a statement from a forged bank account where there were over a million dollars, but it was blocked according to him.

The crimes took place in several places in the country. The men were born in Uppsala while the women came from Skåne, Småland, Halland, Västra Götaland and Jönköping counties.

Damages in the millions

Now the 25-year-old man has been convicted of five counts of aggravated fraud and one count of fraud and sentenced to two years in prison. He must also pay SEK 2,166,765, plus interest, in damages to the six women.

The prosecutor prosecuted a total of ten people who in various ways would have participated in the fraud. However, the district court acquitted six people while four were convicted of various crimes.

One of the convicts had herself been deceived by the man and despite this, she helped him to continue to deceive other women. Therefore, she is convicted of aggravated money laundering offences.

SVT is looking for the 25-year-old's lawyer.

See more about the Tinder scammer in the clip below.

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For several years, the man defrauded women from different places in the country of millions, which he was sentenced to two years in prison at Helsingborg District Court. Photo: SVT/Police preliminary investigation protocol

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