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Bárbara Rey was interviewed on Col·lapse, a TV3 program, on Saturday, October 21. The artist expressed her discomfort with the presenter, Ricard Ustrell, after he asked her several questions related to Juan Carlos I. "If you had told me we weren't going to talk about this man... The truth is that I'm a little tired of talking about him," she said after the first mention of the king emeritus.

The Spaniard later commented: "I don't want to talk about this all night, because then I would have to say that you have lied to me. The pre-interview has nothing to do with what we're talking about... I like to respect the people I'm with and sometimes I talk about things that aren't planned."

The Presenter's Clarification

Ricard Ustrell clarified in Col·lapse: "What we had agreed was that we would not only talk about the king, not that we would not talk about the king." The guest added, "You have to understand that I can't spend my whole life talking about this man." The host of the format said: "If you don't want to answer about the king anymore, you tell me 'I'm not going to answer about the king anymore' and that's it. It's easy."

Sofia Christ's mother said, "I'm going to answer you two things and..." The host interrupted her and joked, "Do you see how you do want to answer about the king?" The Murcian replied humorously: "You are very interested in it and, as you are a very young boy, I want to give you satisfaction."

The Catalan said: "In the end you do want to talk about the king." She insisted, "Well, not really, I'd rather talk about the king with him, so that he might know a few things." The interviewee admitted that she had lost the thread of the conversation: "I don't know where we were going anymore, so I may not talk anymore."

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