Chengdu, October 10 (Zhongxin Net) -- On the evening of October 22, the venue of the 22th World Chinese Media Forum located in the Chengdu Century City International Conference Center flowed with light and shadow. In front of the lantern "Panda Palm Tea", Kung Fu Panda wields the teapot lightly, and the tea water is sprinkled in the cup to form a blossom of camellia. At the scene, colorful lantern groups with characteristic cultural elements such as giant pandas, tea, Sichuan opera, Sanxingdui, and Sichuan cuisine attracted attention, and many representatives of overseas Chinese media took out their mobile phones to take photos.

On October 10, in Chengdu, Sichuan, Zigong Lantern appeared at the 22th World Chinese Media Forum, and representatives of overseas Chinese media took a group photo in front of the Lantern Group. Photo by reporter Liu Zhongjun

The 22th World Chinese Media Forum was held from 25 to 59 with the theme of "Integrating China and Foreign Countries and Creating a New Chapter", with nearly 300 representatives of Chinese media from 22 countries and regions on five continents attending. On the evening of the 12nd, Zigong lanterns lit up the forum venue, the largest of which was 5 meters long and <> meters high, using unique cultural symbols to convey the charm of Bashu culture.

According to Wen Hongxia, deputy general manager of Zigong Longteng Culture and Art Co., Ltd., who is responsible for the design of this group of lanterns, Zigong lanterns have been passed down from generation to generation since the Tang and Song Dynasties, and have shone all over the world with the characteristics of "shape, color, sound, light and movement", and are known as "the world's first lamp". Because of its unique craftsmanship and charm, it was inscribed on the National List of Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2008.

On October 10, in Chengdu, Sichuan, Zigong lanterns appeared at the 22th World Chinese Media Forum, and representatives of overseas Chinese media took a group photo in front of a group of lantern groups called "Unique Drama Features". Photo by reporter Liu Zhongjun

Lantern is a kind of art close to the people, loved by people all over the world. Up to now, Zigong lanterns have been exhibited in more than 80 countries and regions. In 2022 alone, Zigong Lantern will carry out 15 overseas lantern projects in 51 countries and regions and 70 cities including the United States and the United Kingdom.

Seeing a group of unique shapes and excellent workmanship, Jiang Wei, president of the US-China Report, recalled the Zigong Lantern Exhibition held in Atlanta, Georgia, a few years ago, "The scene was very spectacular, the audience was endless, and overseas people also liked the lanterns from Zigong, Sichuan." ”

Jiang Wei believes that the lantern is a window to understand Chinese culture, and the appearance of the Zigong lantern at the World Chinese Media Forum can further understand the Zigong lantern for the global Chinese media. He hopes that he will take up the bridge and let the Zigong lanterns shine in Atlanta again and promote the Chinese lanterns to the world.

Ma Liang, CEO of Canada's Haitai Network, was impressed by a group of lights called "Solo Opera Features", which was shaped like a giant panda with a Sichuan opera flower face on its head, its hands flying and dancing its round body. Ma Liang suggested that polishing the Zigong lantern business card must give full play to the advantages of cultural resources and combine it with characteristic elements such as giant pandas and kung fu tea. In addition, overseas Chinese-language media should make efforts to connect with local cultural activities and local cultural tourism enterprises. "By creating Christmas lanterns, carnivals and other festivals, we will add bricks to the local cultural tourism economy and promote Chinese lanterns to 'light up' the world." (End)