As it continues to mobilize its forces on the outskirts of the Gaza Strip, Israel fears direct clashes in the lanes of the Strip, which pushes it to deport its residents and completely destroy its buildings in preparation for a ground invasion that it has been promising for two weeks without starting to implement it, analysts and experts confirm.

The occupation army is aware that the aerial bombardment will not achieve its stated goal of a possible ground operation to eliminate the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), but at the same time it fears the tunnel trap.

In 2014, the Israeli occupation forces approached the borders of the Gaza Strip to destroy the tunnels, but they were able to destroy only 32 of them, and collided with traps that they did not expect, which prompted them to spend large sums of money to learn about the tunnel battles, and even built special tunnels for training.

Currently, Israel speaks of 1300,<> tunnels owned by the resistance inside Gaza that are an ideal place to launch attacks and capture soldiers, and drones cannot detect them from the sky.

In addition, these tunnels provide the resistance with a secure connection that makes it safe from the communications network connected to Israel, which increases the fear of the occupation's political leaders from venturing into the heart of the Gaza Strip.

Israel is also suffering from the loss of the important element of surprise in the war, after the resistance factions became it on the seventh of October in the operation Al-Aqsa flood, which effectively lost its balance.

According to writer and former U.S. Marine Corps officer Sukun Ritter, the IDF is not doing well and its condition has worsened after withdrawing from normal military missions and spending time chasing children and teenagers on the streets of Ramallah.

Other analysts talk about new tunnels created by the brutal Israeli bombardment of the Strip this time, where residents will resort to the rubble of their city in order to launch revenge attacks from the occupier who destroyed their homes and killed entire families.

This prompted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to hesitate repeatedly to launch his ground offensive, which led the Israeli media to describe him as "cowardly" despite the strength he is trying to show.