Western and Arab cities witnessed thousands of demonstrations on Saturday to protest the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, which has entered its third week, and to condemn the ongoing massacres of the occupation.

British police said nearly 100,<> demonstrators protested in the streets of London in solidarity with the Palestinians, waving Palestinian flags to show solidarity and calling for an immediate end to the aggression on the Strip.

Police arrested 10 people during the demonstration and had warned that anyone who showed support for the Palestinian resistance group Hamas would be arrested, saying they would not tolerate any act that classifies as a hate crime.

Britain witnessed mass demonstrations for a week condemning the Israeli aggression (French)

In Britain, Islamophobia crimes rose by 140% compared to the same period last year, while anti-Semitic crimes increased by only 1.3%.

Huge crowds marched in Wales' capital Cardiff to express solidarity with the Palestinian people and demand an end to the bloodshed in Gaza and the blockade imposed on it, and an end to the occupation.

People of all ages took part in demonstrations across the UK demanding an end to the Israeli occupation (Getty Images)

Over the past week, U.S. cities have seen demonstrations in support of Palestine, most notably in Washington, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles and Philadelphia.

Americans call on their government to stop supporting Israel (Reuters)

Al-Jazeera's correspondent said that thousands of people of different ethnicities demonstrated in New York, demanding an end to the war on Gaza and an end to support for Israel.

Hundreds demonstrated in various US provinces in rejection of the continued Israeli massacres in the Gaza Strip (Anatolia)

In Washington, hundreds protested the continued Israeli bombardment of the Gaza Strip, demanding the entry of humanitarian aid to its residents and the immediate cessation of military operations, as well as banners expressing their displeasure with the American media biased towards Israel.

Thousands of demonstrators took to the streets in various cities of Germany to denounce the crimes of the Israeli occupation, and the police stopped the marches from time to time, and issued warnings in Arabic under the pretext of making violent and anti-Israel statements.

Demonstrators in Berlin also performed funeral prayers for victims of Israeli attacks in Palestine.

German cities witness mass demonstrations in solidarity with Palestine (Getty Images)

German police are on the streets in anticipation of pro-Gaza demonstrations (Reuters)

A large number of citizens gathered in Independence Square in the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur to express their solidarity with the Gaza Strip.

Thousands of activists and members of the Arab and Muslim communities demonstrated in Toronto, Canada, in front of the US and Israeli consulates, demanding a ceasefire and Israeli aggression on Gaza.

Istanbul and Turkish Cyprus witnessed several demonstrations in solidarity with Palestine and condemning the Israeli attacks on Gaza, and members of civil society organizations gathered in front of the Israeli consulate and put up children's toys to express their indignation at the killing of children in the Strip.

Turks demonstrate to demand an end to the Israeli occupation of Palestine (French)

Thousands demonstrated in Cairo, Tunis, Baghdad and Bahrain in solidarity with the Gaza Strip and against continued Israeli retaliatory bombardment.

Protest marches continued in several Moroccan cities, including Rabat, Casablanca, Beni Ahmed and Meknes, on Saturday in solidarity with the Gaza Strip, with protesters holding banners rejecting the displacement of Palestinians from the Strip.

Demonstrations continue in Morocco to protest the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip (Anatolia)