Israeli media reported that the Israeli army has classified more than 1200,<> of its soldiers as disabled since the beginning of the war declared by Tel Aviv after Operation Al-Aqsa Flood launched by the Palestinian resistance against the Israeli occupation.

Israel's Channel 12 said 1210,<> new wounded had been registered with the IDF since the start of the Israeli-declared war dubbed "Iron Swords" and had been classified by the army as disabled.

The Israeli army had announced, earlier, the death of 307 of its soldiers since the attack launched by the Palestinian resistance in the Gaza Strip on Israel at dawn on Saturday, October 7 / October, and included a land, sea and air attack and the infiltration of resistance to several settlements in the Gaza envelope.

The Israeli occupation army continues to target the Gaza Strip with intensive air raids for the 16th consecutive day, causing the destruction of entire neighborhoods, the death of more than 4500,13, most of them children and women, and the injury of more than 500,<> Palestinians, according to the Ministry of Health in Gaza.