Shenyang, October 10 ( -- The national finals of the 22th National College Students Red Tourism Creative Planning Competition (hereinafter referred to as the "Red Travel Competition") were recently held in Dandong, Liaoning Province, attracting 676 universities, 4706,2 teams, 8,60 teachers and students across the country. After fierce competition, <> teams were shortlisted for the national finals, and the design works of six teams, including Nankai University, Nanjing Normal University and University of International Business and Economics, won the special prize of the competition.

The 13th Red Brigade Competition was jointly organized by the Department of Resource Development of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Department of Culture and Tourism of Liaoning Province, the People's Government of Dandong Municipality of Liaoning Province, and the Second Foreign Chinese College of Beijing. With the theme of "Inspiring Youth Dreams and Striving for a New Era", the competition focuses on the new era, aims to cultivate new people of the era, and strives to let the participating teachers and students understand the red spirit from the depths of their hearts, establish a sense of home and country for college students, consciously undertake the inheritance of red genes, and build a solid foundation for the ideals and beliefs of young people in the new era.

The selection of Dandong, Liaoning, the place where the Chinese Volunteers went to resist US aggression and aid Korea, is of special significance to inherit and carry forward the spirit of resisting US aggression and aid Korea, inherit red genes with youthful passion, and continue the red bloodline with youthful creativity. In terms of the types of works, the competition has designed six categories: "Red Tourism Route Design", "Red Tourism Marketing Plan Design", "Red Tourism Cultural and Creative Product Design", "Red Footprint Micro Video", "Red Spirit Micro Explanation" and "Red Story Micro Comics", combining Party history learning and education, ideological and political courses with social classrooms, guiding students to bow to the mountains and the sea to practice, touch the pulse of history in the red hometown, and consciously become the disseminators of red culture and the inheritors of red genes.

At the award ceremony, the person in charge of the Department of Resource Development of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism said that the competition has been held for 13 consecutive years and has grown into an important practice place for promoting the red spirit and inheriting red genes in colleges and universities across the country, and a wonderful stage to display the wisdom and power of red. It will further innovate the form of the competition, expand the scale of the competition, dig deep into the connotation of red culture, promote the transformation of the results of the competition, spread the red culture, attract more universities and college students to participate, and add luster to the dissemination of red culture and the development of red tourism with the context of the new era and creative planning of the new era.

Tong Zhao, deputy secretary-general of the People's Government of Liaoning Province, said that it is necessary to promote the "live", "brightened" and "hot" red cultural resources in Liaoning, make every effort to build a new highland of red tourism, and accelerate the high-quality development of red tourism. This year's Red Travel Competition displayed the unique charm of Liaoning's red culture in an all-round and multi-angle manner, polishing a bright background and adding vitality to Liaoning's comprehensive revitalization.

At the award ceremony, Ma Weifang, a researcher at the Academy of Military Sciences of the Chinese People's Liberation Army, made comments. He said that on the road of the new Long March, every Chinese is a protagonist and has a responsibility. The Red Travel Competition is not only a platform to showcase the creative planning talents of contemporary college students, but also a position to spread red culture, inherit red genes, and cultivate new talents of the times. It is hoped that college students will keep the right innovation and persevere; Finally, he hopes that college students will take good care of their passions and ideals, live up to Shaohua, and pursue their dreams.

Zhang Hui, judge of the national finals of the Red Brigade Competition and professor of Beijing Jiaotong University, said that entering the new era, he hopes to see the demeanor, professional ability and stage style of a new generation of college students from the new faces. College students can understand the connotation of red tourism through red tourism design, tap red genes, show professional ability, and lay the foundation for future growth.

Xu Chuanrun, winner of the grand prize of the competition, from the School of Tourism and Service of Nankai University, said: "As young people, our understanding of the red spirit cannot be limited to books. Ten thousand books are as important as ten thousand scrolls. When you actually come to a heroic city, you will naturally blend in. And today at the Memorial Hall to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea, the concrete display shocked me. This big ideological and political class made me more aware of the mission of young people and inspired me to better tell Chinese stories. ”

Since its establishment in 2011 by Beijing Second Foreign Chinese College, the Red Brigade Competition has been held for thirteen consecutive sessions, and is currently the largest professional tourism competition for college students in China. (End)