Concrete figures depicting women in headscarves hang from nooses from the ceiling, which is what greets visitors to Borås Art Museum.

With the work, she wants to show the religious oppression women in Iran live under today, and draw attention to all those who were killed during the protests after Mahsa Amini's death.

The work could be linked to Qur'an burnings

Two months ago, the exhibition was stopped and there was an uproar among the public, as in cultural circles. Security reasons were cited as the reason given that the work could be linked to Koran burnings.

The artist Sadaf Ahmadi says that she saw the same censorship as in her home country Iran in Borås' cultural director, Ida Burén's decision to stop the exhibition.

Now this is forgotten, the exhibition is inaugurated and the artist is happy and satisfied.

"I am so incredibly happy to be able to share all these feelings with everyone here today," says Sadaf Ahmadi.

See pictures from the exhibition in the clip above.