Sweden is a secular country compared to most other countries and religion plays a relatively small role. Nevertheless, belief in paranormal abilities is widespread among Swedes, according to the SOM surveys conducted by the University of Gothenburg. Four out of ten believe that there are people who possess at least some type of supernatural ability. A third of respondents believe that people can have a sixth sense. One-fifth believe that there are people who can converse with the dead, remember past lives, or predict the future.

"Compensation for Religion"

Historian of religion Joel Halldorf believes that the secular Swedes' new spirituality can be a replacement for religion:

"There is no human society that has not had religion. Human cultures are very different, but they all have one thing in common: Religion plays an important role. Even when you try to shape a society that shouldn't have religion, it creeps back through these kinds of expressions," he says.

Tarot Cards and Synchronicity

Ebba reads tarot cards and believes in something called "synchronicity". This roughly means "meaningful connection".

"Synchronicity is what all people experience sometimes. For example, when you think about someone you haven't spoken to in a long time and then they call the second after," she says.

In SVT's Kingdom of the Spirits, she predicts host Anna Lindman in tarot cards:

But these cards can fit just about everyone, right?

"Yes, that can be the case. But now, for some reason, you got them," says Ebba.

Sought help from Haggbyrån

Another person who is open to spiritual solutions is Fanna Ndow Norrby. She has been active in the public debate for a long time and feels that the desire to debate and anger have taken its toll on her. She was looking for a fresh start and in the realm of the Spirits came into contact with the Haggbyrån, a group of women who call themselves witches or priestesses. Watch their ceremony in the clip below.

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Fanna Ndow Norrby wanted to leave her anger behind her and turned to Haggbyrån, women who call themselves witches – see their ceremony. Photo: SVT/The Kingdom of the Spirits