There has been a lot of money that the Mission Circle in Boden has collected for charity. About one and a half million according to themselves. Many small streams.

On Sunday, they celebrated 80 years with cake and an exhibition at the parish hall in Boden. Agda Olofsson, 92 years old, has been involved since the 50s.

"Community, being together, it's very rewarding. And it feels good to contribute a little bit," she says.

Increasingly difficult to send money

But as Sweden moves towards an increasingly cashless society, the association has found it more difficult to send money.

"We can't sit and swish twenty kronor here and a tenner there. It was so easy before. We collected the money, counted it and took it to the bank," says member Ragnhild Sundqvist.

In the clip, you can hear more about the difficulties of sending money.