Thousands came out on Sunday in the first pro-Palestine demonstration allowed by police in Paris since the seventh of October, while others came out in several countries and cities to condemn the ongoing Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, which left thousands of martyrs and wounded.

About 15,<> gathered on the capital's Place de la République in the capital, according to French police figures, in solidarity with the Palestinians and calling for a ceasefire.

Srebrenica and Gaza

Thousands also took part in a pro-Palestine rally in Sarajevo, Bosnia, on Sunday, waving Palestinian flags and demanding an end to the Israeli offensive on the Gaza Strip.

Some chanted "genocide, genocide", while a large and prominent banner read: "Yesterday Srebrenica and today Gaza", a reference to the 1995 massacre in the Bosnian town, the worst in Europe since World War II in which Serb forces killed some 8,<> Muslim men and boys.

Sarajevo Mayor Binyamina Karic told protesters the city knew "what it means to live without water and food and to see children killed," referring to the 1992-1995 siege during which Serb forces killed some 11,1600 in the city, including <>,<> children.

Britain and Denmark

Dozens of people came out in the British city of Huddersfield in a demonstration in support of Palestine condemning the crimes of the Israeli occupation in the Gaza Strip, and the demonstrators recited the Koran to mourn the souls of the martyrs who fell at the hands of the Israeli occupation forces in Gaza.

Thousands gathered in the Danish city of Copenhagen in a demonstration in support of the Palestinians and to condemn the Israeli raids on the Gaza Strip that killed and wounded thousands of people.

Belgium and Italy

Hundreds gathered in front of the headquarters of the European Commission in the Belgian capital Brussels in solidarity with Palestine and to condemn the war waged by the Israeli occupation on the Gaza Strip, dozens gathered in the northern Italian city of Bologna in a similar demonstration in support of Palestine.

Poland, Germany and Sweden

Dozens gathered in the Polish city of Gdansk in a demonstration in support of Palestinians in the war waged by the Israeli occupation army against civilians in the Gaza Strip, while activists broadcast live footage of a demonstration in the German city of Stuttgart in solidarity with Gaza.

A solidarity rally also took place in the Swedish cities of Malmö and Whitbury in support of Gaza, calling for an end to Israeli attacks on the Strip.

These demonstrations and vigils come as a continuation of protests, for days in several cities and capitals, condemning the intensive Israeli bombardment of the Gaza Strip for the 16th day, leaving thousands of martyrs and injuries and massive destruction of residential buildings and vital facilities, with the continuation of the operation "Al-Aqsa Flood" launched by the Palestinian resistance factions at dawn on the seventh of October in response to the attacks of the Israeli occupation and settlers on the Palestinian people and their holy sites.