According to American journalists, both Israel and Ukraine may need artillery ammunition, smart bombs and Stinger missiles.

The newspaper recalls that in recent months, the counteroffensive of the Ukrainian army has met with "stiff resistance," including minefields, trenches and other defensive structures of the Russian Armed Forces, and "a grueling artillery campaign has grown into a war of attrition."

Meanwhile, Israel is preparing to launch an entirely different type of land war: urban warfare in the densely populated Gaza Strip.

Axios previously reported that the Pentagon intends to transfer tens of thousands of 155 mm artillery shells to Israel, which were originally reserved for Ukraine a few months ago, ammunition taken from "US emergency stockpiles."

Now the Biden administration is asking the US Congress to satisfy a request totaling about $106 billion, including money proposed to be allocated for military assistance for Ukraine and for Israel.

Republican Congressman Paul Gosar opposed the allocation of additional aid to Ukraine. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene also said she would not support the request.