A new 14-truck humanitarian aid convoy entered the Gaza Strip from Egypt on Sunday evening, the second aid convoy to the besieged enclave.

The Anadolu Agency quoted Wael Abu Mohsen, media director at the Rafah crossing, as saying that the trucks would be delivered to UNRWA and the Palestinian Red Crescent in preparation for distribution to the displaced in the Gaza Strip.

Activists posted pictures of some trucks at the Rafah crossing, noting that they were carrying medicines and food.

The United Nations said that shipment barely equaled 4 percent of Gaza's daily imports before the war began, and that 100 trucks must enter daily to meet the needs of the 2.4 million people living in the territory, half of whom are children.

The concerned Palestinian authorities in Gaza and international organizations confirm that the aid that has been allowed so far does not meet the needs of the large numbers of displaced and sick people.

Television channels close to Egyptian authorities reported on Sunday evening that "40 trucks" of aid would cross Monday into Gaza.

On the other hand, six tankers transporting fuel stored at the border crossing entered the Gaza Strip from Egypt, according to Wael Abu Omar, media director of the Rafah crossing.

Abu Omar said Sunday's fuel delivery "was coordinated by the United Nations, and stressed that deliveries can only be carried out in coordination with the Egyptian side and with the consent of Israel, which imposes a blockade on the Gaza Strip.

The entry of fuel into the Strip came after the United Nations warned that hospitals and other vital facilities were running out.

The Health Ministry in Gaza on Sunday called on "the owners of gas stations and those who have any amount of fuel to go immediately to hospitals and donate them to save the lives of the wounded."

After dozens of massacres in the past 24 hours, the toll of the aggression on Gaza rose to 4741,1873 martyrs, including more than 1023,14 children and 1400,<> women, in addition to more than <>,<> wounded, compared to more than <>,<> Israeli deaths.