A total of 297 children's products have been inspected, of which 44 contained hazardous substances in illegally high concentrations. 35 of the products were Halloween items such as face masks and decorations – seven of them were caught in the checkpoint.

"In most cases, the substances do not pose any acute risks to children's health, but they contribute to the overall exposure of hazardous substances to which children are exposed," says Frida Ramström in a press release.

The most common substance was phthalates, which are suspected of being endocrine disruptors and can make it more difficult to have children. Other substances found were lead, cadmium, boron and bisphenol A.

The products were sold on websites, toy stores, museums and grocery stores, among other places. Several of the companies caught in the inspection are located in the Stockholm area, but the biggest problems were in the online stores.

After the review, the Swedish Chemicals Agency contacted all companies with hazardous products, and almost all of them chose to stop the sale.