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On October 12, all the Spanish forces traveled to Madrid to attend the parade of our Armed Forces and the subsequent cocktail offered by the King and Queen at the Palace for Hispanic Day, a national holiday. Among all the presences of the mayors' tribune, there was one much commented, that of the councillor of Huesca. Lorena Orduna caused a sensation with a black dress with a lace neckline that could easily be worn by a model of tailoring such as Georgina Rodríguez, just a native of Jaca. Two women who are antagonistic in training but united by their physique and Alto Aragón.

Orduna aroused curiosities. Who is this imposing mayor? We found out. Lorena Orduna Pons was born on 4 August 1976 in Huesca, a city of which she has been mayor since June after winning the elections of 28 May at the head of the PP list.

Coming from the business world, his experience in politics is limited to two years of militancy in Ciudadanos, a party that he left when in the previous elections the blank vote of one of its councilors gave the mayoralty to his predecessor, the socialist Luis Felipe.

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Lorena was unknown in politics, but, against all odds, these last elections she won 12 councillors, falling one short of an absolute majority, compared to 10 for the PSOE and 3 for Vox. So he governs alone with a simple majority and, according to the City Council's website, he has exclusive dedication and a salary of 50,000 euros gross per year.

Married with two sons, Dario and Nestor, aged 11 and 7, she considers herself "very much a madrassa". Those who know her say that she has a strong and determined character and that she exudes vitality and enthusiasm. She lives in Tierz, six kilometres from the capital, so she could not vote for herself as she was not registered in Huesca.

His academic record shows that he studied Social Studies at the University of Zaragoza, then Political Science and Sociology at the UNED and International Trade Management at ESIC Business & Marketing School. However, despite these studies, he began to work in banking and then continued in the Huesca company Arizón & Gracia, dedicated to construction, as head of administration in 1998.

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Asbestos expert

She then went on to hold the positions of head of organization, specialist in asbestos and differential diagnosis for industry and buildings, and finally general manager.

Orduna is considered one of the most reputable authoritative voices on the asbestos issue and is a member of the main asbestos working forum in Spain with a presence in France and Latin America.

He assures that he has grown with the company and that methodology is what he uses to lead in any area, including the City Council, with the maxim of Baltasar Gracián: "The big the position, the better the person must be".

Orduna has an outstanding associative experience: she is a Red Cross volunteer, a mentor for the Youth Business Spain Foundation (YBS) and participates in BNI Connection, in which she has been mentoring coordinator, vice-president and president and an important architect of the irruption of this organisation of relations between companies in the province of Huesca.

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Likewise, in her capacity as a director of the company, she is a member of the Federation of Construction Associations of the province of Huesca, a member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Huesca and a member of the Association of Directors of Aragon.

A lover of sports in nature, another of her passions is drones and, with her husband, Javier Arnal Sahún, she founded Dronnea, a drone services company for construction, industry, leisure and agriculture. In addition, she is proud to have been, at the age of 18, mairalesa (queen) in the festivities of San Lorenzo de Huesca, representing the neighborhood of Santiago. She followed in the footsteps of her mother who, in the 60s, was also from Mairales, although they were then presidents, with the La Parrilla supporters' club.

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She declares herself a fan of Amaral and, as a fan and defender of bullfighting, she has pointed out that, "without a bullfighting fair, the festivities of Huesca would not be parties". In the latter, in fact, she was the hostess in the tribute that the city dedicated to the right-hander Manuel Díaz El Cordobés, on the occasion of his retirement from the rings.

Between mutual compliments, Orduna described the bullfighter as an "endearing and very loved person in Huesca", where he has fought more than 10 times.

As an anecdote, the delegate councilor of the bullring, Gema Allué, and the mayor herself showed the bullfighter a photograph they took with him in 1994, to which Díaz replied: "That's why when I saw you I thought: I've already experienced this before", unleashing laughter from those present.

In statements to several Huesca media, the mayor was "very grateful for the invitation" to the events of October 12, for which she put on her best and celebrated clothes, and indicated that for her it had been "an honor and a pride to represent the people of Huesca on such an exciting day".

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