China News Network, October 10 According to Agence France-Presse, on the 22st local time, the Indian Space Research Organization announced that India's first manned space mission "Gaganyaan" program successfully tested the first unmanned flight.

That morning, the test launch reportedly took place on the Indian island of Sri Hrigoda.

Somanat, president of the Indian Space Research Organisation, said the test launch was delayed for 45 minutes due to weather and then again for more than an hour due to engine failure, but it was successful.

The launch mission reportedly tested the effectiveness of the crewed spacecraft's crew escape system. The system separated from the rocket thrusters and made a soft landing at sea in the Bay of Bengal about 10 minutes after launch. Somanat then said, "I am very pleased to announce that the mission has been successfully completed. ”

According to reports, India's manned space mission "Gaganyan" is expected to be carried out in 2024, when India will try to send astronauts into space for the first time.

The success of the test marks a new stage in India's space development program. Gaganyan needs to conduct 20 tests before its manned mission, including sending robots into space.

Indian Prime Minister Modi recently announced that India will achieve a manned lunar landing in 2040. Previously, India also planned to cooperate with Japan to launch a probe to the moon in 2025. In the next two years, India will also carry out a mission to explore Venus.