Researchers have warned of hackers exploiting a vulnerability in the network software of U.S. information network supplies company Cisco to infiltrate tens of thousands of devices.

Cisco warned last week of a serious vulnerability in the iOS XE application, which is used to power a wide range of network equipment produced by the company, noting that hackers are actively exploiting this vulnerability.

She added that the vulnerability was discovered in the web management interface of the iOS Xe app, which can be used when the affected device connects to the internet.

For its part, the site "TechCrunch" specialized in technology topics that the list of devices running the application "iOS Xe" includes enterprise switches, wireless controllers, access points to the communication network and industrial routers, which are devices used by companies and small enterprises to manage their networks in a secure manner.

In an online message, Cisco's Talos Information Security Company said that so far unknown hackers have been exploiting the vulnerability known as "Zero Day," a type of vulnerability discovered by hackers and used since at least Sept. 18 before the producer could address it.

Talos added that hackers who succeed in exploiting the vulnerability take full control of the victim's device, allowing them to potentially carry out unauthorized activities on the victim's network.

Cisco has not disclosed the extent of hacking operations that have taken place through this vulnerability so far.

Meanwhile, the search engine on Internet-related devices and assets "Senses" says it noticed about 42,18 Cisco devices affected by hacking operations on October <>, noting that a sharp rise was observed on this day from the previous day.

In its analysis of the vulnerability, Senses said most of the affected devices were in the United States, the Philippines and Mexico, and that hackers were targeting telecommunications companies that provide internet services to both homes and businesses.