Salameh Maarouf, head of the government media office in the Gaza Strip, said that the Ministry of Health did not receive any aid from the one that was entered, stressing that all of it went to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), which he accused of abandoning its duty towards the residents of the northern Gaza Strip.

In an interview with Al Jazeera, Maarouf stressed that the Israeli occupation does not differentiate between north and south and that it bombs homes throughout Gaza, even those who were displaced from the north in response to his warning.

Maarouf criticized UNRWA, which shirked its duty to the population when it voluntarily withdrew from the north the occupation's response and left hundreds of thousands of displaced people who had sought refuge in shelters in its care to face death.

Even in the southern areas, UNRWA has not fulfilled its duties towards them 10 days after its withdrawal from the north, stressing that "it is unacceptable for the Agency to claim its inability to deal with these numbers of refugees, because it was established mainly to serve them."

According to the official of the Gaza government's media office, more than 70 percent of Gaza's population is refugees, almost half of whom are from the north and currently living in shelters and half from the south.

Government committees are currently working to provide what they can to those UNRWA has withdrawn and left behind in the northern Gaza Strip, according to Maarouf.

Maarouf called on the agency to take a more flexible, serious and feasible stance with regard to providing the needs of citizens due to its contacts and powers, stressing that the aid that is brought in does not meet the need of one of the shelter centers in the Gaza Strip.

So far, only 34 trucks loaded with water, canned food and a small amount of needed medical supplies have arrived in the Gaza Strip, none of which have reached the Health Ministry, Maarouf said.

The official in the government's media office explained these behaviors by trying to enforce the occupation's plan to displace the population to the south through more massacres.

He said that the occupation is currently using aid and UNRWA to deceive the population that all needs and assistance will be available in the south only and not in the north, stressing that the mechanism for the entry of aid that was agreed upon "is basically a failure and will not meet the minimum needs of the population."

He went on to stress that there is currently no way to save the population, if the international community wants to do so, except to stop the aggression immediately and provide safe corridors for the entry of the required materials and the transport of the injured, whom the health system is no longer able to deal with.