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A 14-year-old boy, who attends a secondary school in Montbéliard in the Doubs region, is said to have said "I'm going to kill her", targeting a history and geography teacher after an altercation with her. The teacher filed a complaint for "death threats" and the student was arrested on Thursday.

A 14-year-old schoolboy was arrested Thursday at his home in Bethoncourt, near Montbéliard in the Doubs region, after his history and geography teacher filed a complaint for "death threats", AFP learned from a police source. The teenager, who attends a secondary school in Montbéliard, is said to have said "I'm going to kill her" after an altercation with his teacher on Thursday, according to information from L'Est Républicain, confirmed to AFP by the same source.

Under judicial supervision until November 22

According to the local newspaper, the student went out to go to the bathroom during history-geography class. His teacher reportedly explained to his classmates, in his absence, that he was disrupting class. The student, who was informed of these remarks, wanted to explain himself to his teacher during recess, according to the newspaper. But at the end of this exchange, he threatened to kill her, which justified the filing of a complaint.


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The teenager was arrested at his home and questioned, before being brought before the court on Friday. He must comply with a judicial supervision until 22 November, the day on which he is summoned to appear before the juvenile judge. These facts took place on the day of the funeral of Dominique Bernard, the teacher stabbed to death on Friday, October 13 by a former student in front of his college-high school in Arras during a jihadist attack that put France on alert.