The Macondo rescue boat rescued another 59 men of sub-Saharan origin who were travelling in a canoe, the fourth to arrive in the Canary Islands today, and transferred them to the port of Arguineguín, in the southwest of Gran Canaria, according to Maritime Rescue sources.

This is the second rescue of migrants who disembark in the port of Gran Canaria this Sunday, since this morning the salvamar helped another group of 37 immigrants, also all men and of sub-Saharan origin, and the fourth to arrive in the Canary Islands, since in El Hierro, the westernmost island of the archipelago, another two have arrived with 124 people.

This latest rescue in Atlantic waters has taken place after the ship Ual Castle reported the sighting of a cayuco that they lost sight of.

After an echo warning by the Guardia Civil, the controllers of the Maritime Rescue Center in Las Palmas diverted another boat, the Porquoi Pas to the area to the position provided, which confirmed the presence of the cayuco and updated its location until the arrival of the Macondo rescue boat that proceeded to rescue the 59 people who were on board.

The other 124 people who were traveling in two other cayucos arrived at the port of La Restinga, in El Hierro, one with 43 adult men who are in apparent good health, which was located by the Civil Guard at around 14:20 p.m., and was met by the Adhara salvage boat, and another with 81 occupants.

Yesterday, Saturday, 1,157 sub-Saharan immigrants arrived in the Canary Islands, most of them in El Hierro, which registered the arrival of the largest capacity cayuco known to have sailed on the Canary Route with 320 people on board.

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