The Special Rapid Response Group, created under the Prime Minister of the Donetsk People's Republic, has been investigating the possible sale of Western weapons to the black market by the Kiev regime for about a year. This was stated in a conversation with RIA Novosti by the adviser to the head of the DPR Yan Gagin.

"We found a lot of offers on the darknet for the sale of NATO weapons supplied to Ukraine. There were photographs, videos that presented samples of weapons that had already been at the front, they were photographed in combat formations, in trenches, and there were samples of weapons that were still sealed in film, they did not see the front, they had just arrived in Ukraine from supplier countries," he said.

According to him, there was a wide range of choices on the black market, from missiles to small arms: "And all this was sold to anyone who would just pay money."

Earlier, Vladimir Putin said there was no doubt that weapons from Ukraine were ending up in the Middle East. According to him, there is a very high level of corruption in Ukraine, they "sell everything that can be sold," which is one of the conditions for the formation of a black market in weapons.

Also on the "There are many people in Ukraine who want to sell": Putin on the leakage of weapons from Ukraine to the Middle East

Paratroopers stopped the attack of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Artyomovsk area

Servicemen of the Ivanovo Guards Airborne Unit repelled an attack by several armed groups of the Armed Forces of Ukraine north of Artyomovsk (DPR), the Russian Defense Ministry reported.

It is noted that the fire on the Ukrainian militants was opened by the crew of the 30-mm AGS-17 "Plamya" automatic grenade launcher, which was located in one of the high-rise buildings on the northwestern outskirts of Artyomovsk. At the same time, after a series of single shots, the fire was adjusted. Subsequently, the paratroopers worked on the enemy in bursts until the ammunition was completely consumed.

"The enemy's advance was stopped. The surviving Ukrainian servicemen fled, leaving behind the dead and wounded," the defense ministry said.

  • Airborne units destroyed several groups of Ukrainian militants north of Artyomovsk

Earlier, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation published footage of the assault on the stronghold of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the northern flank of the Artyomovsk direction, as a result of which Ivanovo paratroopers captured three Ukrainian servicemen.


In the South Donetsk direction, units of the Vostok group of troops, supported by artillery, thwarted two attempts to rotate units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the area of Vuhledar and north of Novodonetsk, said the head of the press center of the group, Oleg Chekhov.

According to him, artillery fire destroyed a reconnaissance group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the area north of Priyutne, and during the counter-battery fight, the enemy lost six mortar crews.

In addition, aviation, missile forces and artillery hit the places of concentration of manpower and equipment of units of the 72nd Mechanized, 79th Air Assault Brigade, 58th Motorized Infantry Brigade, 128th Territorial Defense Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near the settlements of Novomikhailovka, Urozhaynoye, Shevchenko, Vuhledar, Vodiane, Staromayorskoye (DPR) and Priyutnoye (Zaporizhzhia region).


Oleksandr Savchuk, head of the press center of the Center group of troops, said that in the Krasnolimansky direction, artillery fire, air strikes and small arms repelled four attacks by assault groups of the 21st, 63rd, 67th mechanized brigades and the 1st special forces brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the areas of the Torsk salient and the Serebryansky forestry.

Fire damage was also inflicted on about 170 enemy targets, including two command and observation and five strongholds of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

During the counter-battery fight, the troops opened and suppressed more than 20 field artillery crews of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, destroying up to 100 servicemen, two armored vehicles, two cars and a 152-mm D-30 howitzer.


In the Donetsk direction, units of the "South" group of troops, supported by aviation and artillery fire, inflicted fire damage on ten concentrations of enemy manpower in the areas of Marinka, Klishchiivka, Andriivka, Kurdiumivka and Maloilinovka, said the head of the group's press center Vadim Astafiev.

According to him, Ukrainian troops have lost up to 260 servicemen. An artillery strike was also carried out on the stronghold of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Verkhnekamianske area.

In addition, fire from anti-tank missile systems destroyed a Cossack armored combat vehicle and an enemy dugout in Maloilinovka. In addition, the BM-21 Grad MLRS combat vehicle and the M-155 777-mm self-propelled artillery mount were destroyed.

11 Ukrainian drones were also hit.