Exclusive video丨Xi Jinping meets Sri Lankan President Wickremesinghe

On the morning of October 10, President Xi Jinping met with Sri Lankan President Wickremesinghe at the Great Hall of the People to attend the Third Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation.

Xi Jinping pointed out that he welcomes Mr. President to attend the third Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation in China. I highly appreciate your participation in the first Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation as Prime Minister and your second visit to China after six years, demonstrating your firm support for the Belt and Road Initiative.

The friendship between China and Sri Lanka has a long history. The "Records of the Buddha Kingdom" written by the Eastern Jin Dynasty monk Fa Xian and the "Zheng He Stele" left over from Zheng He's ocean voyages are historical witnesses of the long-term friendship and mutual learning between the two peoples. The "Mijiao Agreement" signed by China and Sri Lanka in 1952 is a true portrayal of the two sides watching over each other and uniting for self-improvement.

At present, under the strong leadership of the Communist Party of China, the Chinese people are united as one, making every effort to promote high-quality development, and comprehensively promoting the great cause of building a strong country and national rejuvenation with Chinese-style modernization. Under the leadership of Mr. President, Sri Lanka has survived the most difficult period and resumed its economic and social development in an orderly manner. I attach great importance to the development of China-Sri Lanka relations and am willing to work with Mr. President to consolidate political mutual trust between the two sides, jointly build the "Belt and Road" with high quality, and promote the strategic cooperative partnership of sincere mutual assistance and friendship between China and Sri Lanka to make new progress in order to better benefit the two peoples.

Executive Producer丨Shen Yong Feng Xuhong

Reporter丨Shi Wei, Wang Pengfei, Hou Yan, Zhao Hua, Wang Xiaodong, Ding Xin

Camera丨Li Zheng, Ma Chao, Lu Hongyu

Recording丨Cheng Aihua

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