Kolokoltsev's statement was published by the portal of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Media.

The Minister reaffirmed Russia's commitment to intensifying multifaceted dialogue and strengthening cooperation in all key multilateral formats.

According to him, Russia is in favor of maintaining a balanced, equal system of interstate relations in the Asia-Pacific region that meets the current situation, and strengthening the central role of ASEAN in it.

"We see certain risks in connection with the politicization of international police cooperation, in particular, the activities of Interpol. Professional cooperation on this platform should be carried out regardless of the global political situation, based on the principles of openness and mutual respect," Kolokoltsev said.

He noted that the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia aims to further expand and develop cooperation with ASEANAPOL and expressed gratitude to the Executive Director of the Secretariat of the organization for participating in the Third International Conference on the Spread of the Ideology of Extremism, held in Moscow in September 2023.

"We pay special attention to building the human resources of the law enforcement agencies of the ASEAN countries. The annual trainings held by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for police officers from the countries of the "ten" are constantly expanding their coverage both in terms of the number of students and the subject of training," Kolokoltsev said.

He also noted the closeness of the positions of Russia and the ASEAN states on the fight against the global drug threat. He expressed interest in the exchange of best practices, and also called it important to hold annual meetings of senior officials of Russia and ASEAN on drug issues.

Kolokoltsev added that "it seems useful to expand contacts between the SCO Regional Anti-Terrorist Structure and ASEANAPOL."

"Russia is committed to expanding constructive cooperation between the police agencies of our states, which will be the key to success in ensuring stability and security in the region," he concluded.

On October 16, it was reported that Kolokoltsev arrived in Laos on an official visit.