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You are looking for a winter duvet that can keep you warm on particularly cool nights. To make your choice, discover our top 5 best winter duvets!


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With galloping inflation, many French people want to spend the entire winter without turning on the heating so as not to make their electricity bills skyrocket. Thus, equipping yourself with a very good duvet for the winter can be a good idea. When choosing a winter duvet, there are several things to consider to ensure a warm and comfortable sleep. First, consider the warmth rating of the duvet, opting for a "warm" or "very hot" classification for cold nights. The type of filling also plays a crucial role: feather and down duvets offer lightness and warmth, while synthetic fibers are hypoallergenic and retain heat well. The grammage, measured in g/m², indicates the weight of the padding and can be chosen according to your warmth preference, usually around 300 g/m² for winter. Make sure the duvet matches the size of your bed for a perfect fit. Also consider the care instructions, choosing a duvet that is easy to care for, either machine washable or dry cleanable. Finally, set a budget and look for quality options within that price range. To make your choice among the many models available on the market, discover our selection!


  • The Apsmile winter duvet for its exceptional comfort
  • The Bedsure winter duvet for its high thermal insulation
  • The Wavve winter duvet for its versatility
  • The Amazinggirl winter duvet for single beds
  • The Abeil winter duvet for its Made in France manufacture

Our top 5 best winter duvets

The Apsmile winter duvet for its exceptional comfort

The Apsmile Goose Down & Natural Goose Feather Duvet for Winter is an exceptional choice for cozy comfort. Measuring 200 x 200 cm, it offers enveloping warmth perfect for two people during the cold months. This duvet is both warm and lightweight, giving you a peaceful and restful sleep throughout the night. Its goose down and natural goose feather filling guarantees soft loft and optimal thermal insulation. It's also wrapped in a soft, breathable cover, providing superior comfort. An adjective that sets it apart could be "luxurious", highlighting its exceptional level of quality and sumptuous comfort.


The Bedsure winter duvet for its high thermal insulation

When you're looking for a winter duvet, you want one that keeps you warm. Bedsure understands this and offers you one of the best models. The Bedsure 220x240 duvet is an ideal choice for freezing winter nights. With a weight of 450g/m², it offers exceptional thermal insulation, guaranteeing enveloping warmth for two people. Its generous size of 240x220 cm makes it a spacious and comfortable option for a double bed. The practical corner tabs ensure that the duvet stays securely in place inside its duvet cover, preventing any unpleasant slipping during the night. In addition, this duvet is machine washable, making it easy to care for and keep in a fresh and clean state. The neutral white of the Bedsure 220x240 duvet complements any bedroom décor, adding a touch of comfort and elegance to your sleeping space. It offers a soft, warm, and easy-to-maintain sleep solution for the harsh winter months.


The Wavve winter duvet for its versatility

The Wavve Temperate Duvet is a versatile and comfortable option for all seasons, specially designed for winter nights. With its generous dimensions of 220x240 cm, it is perfectly suited to a double bed of 180x200 cm, offering a spacious and warm space for two people. This duvet is made of high-quality microfiber, providing a soft-touch feel and exceptional durability. Its thick 300g/m² filling guarantees optimal warmth without being too heavy, thus providing perfect comfort for the winter months. The neutral white color of the Wavve duvet easily blends into any bedroom décor, adding a touch of sophistication to your sleeping space. This duvet is an ideal solution for those looking for an all-season option, offering warmth and softness for peaceful and comforting nights.


The Amazinggirl winter duvet for single beds

The Amazinggirl duvet 140 x 200 cm is specially designed to provide you with optimal warmth during cold winter nights. With its dimensions of 140 x 200 cm, it is perfectly suitable for a single bed, offering a soft and warm blanket for one person. This winter duvet is made of a high-quality white fabric, bringing a touch of freshness and elegance to your bedroom. Its warm and fluffy filling ensures exceptional thermal insulation, enveloping you in a cocoon of warmth and comfort during cold nights. Made with durable, quality materials, this duvet is also easy to care for, providing a practical and comfortable solution for the winter months. It is perfect for creating a comfortable and peaceful sleeping environment, ensuring you get a restful rest even on the coldest nights.


The Abeil winter duvet for its Made in France manufacture

Our selection ends with this model from the Beeil brand. The two-tone white and gray Abeil duvet in dimension 200 x 200 cm is a quality product made in France. This duvet offers the perfect balance of style and comfort. Its two-tone design, combining white and grey, adds a modern and elegant touch to your bedroom. Made with attention to detail and French know-how, this duvet guarantees excellent quality workmanship.

In addition to its neat aesthetics, this duvet offers optimal warmth for chilly nights thanks to its quality filling. Its generous size is perfect for a double bed, ensuring enveloping comfort for two people. Made with high-quality materials, this duvet is soft to the touch and offers a luxuriously soft feel. A very nice model at a low price!


What weight should I choose for a winter duvet?

For a winter duvet, a weight between 300 and 450 grams per square meter (g/m²) is generally recommended. This weight provides good thermal insulation, ensuring sufficient warmth during the cold winter nights. However, the precise choice of weight depends on your sensitivity to cold, the ambient temperature of your bedroom, as well as your personal preferences for warmth during sleep. If you tend to be cold or live in an area with particularly harsh winters, opting for a duvet with a higher weight (between 400 and 450 g/m²) can provide you with extra comfort. It's important to find a balance to avoid getting too hot or too cold, also taking into account other factors like the quality of the filling and the type of fabric of the duvet cover.

How to store your duvets at the end of the season?

To store your duvets at the end of the season, start by washing or airing them to keep them fresh. Then, store them in protective covers made of cotton or breathable fabric to protect them from dust and dust mites. Avoid compressing them too tightly, as this can alter their bulking. Store them in a cool, dry place, such as a closet or cabinet, away from direct sunlight. It's also a good idea to place moth bags or cedar balls in the storage area to keep bugs away. By following these steps, you ensure that your duvets remain in good condition and ready to use when the cold season returns.

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