Laurent Mariotte 12:22 p.m., October 14, 2023

Every Saturday, Laurent Mariotte and his guest give you advice, tips and tricks around gastronomy and food. A useful insight into the art of eating well. Today, let's learn all about the Espelette pepper with our guest Frédéric Vardon.

This week, two files of the week for the price of one. The first is dedicated to Espelette pepper. Chef Fabrice Idiart of the Moulin d'ALOTZ in Arcangues, in the Basque Country, tells us - in the middle of a service - how he cooks this pepper! Then, we're interested in the World Championship of Oeuf en Meurette, all this weekend in Burgundy. We welcome the chef - 1st world champion - Frédéric Vardon. You can enjoy his egg en meurette in his Parisian restaurant: the 39V. As in every episode, the team at the table des bons vivants continues to play with you. Laurent Mariotte makes you listen to a sound related to cooking: kitchen noise. It's up to you to find out.