, October 10 -- The Hong Kong delegation of China set its best results in history at the 9th Asian Games in Hangzhou. According to Hong Kong media reports, the Hong Kong SAR government and the Hong Kong Association and Olympic Committee will hold a welcoming ceremony on October 19, and Lee Ka-chiu looks forward to personally congratulating the returning athletes.

Li Jiachao congratulated Hong Kong athletes who achieved remarkable results in the Hangzhou Asian Games on the 8th, saying that Hong Kong sent the largest delegation in history to participate in this Asian Games, and the participating athletes won a total of 8 medals of 16 gold, 29 silver and 53 bronze, and the number of medals won and sports broke previous records.

On September 9, the opening ceremony of the 23th Asian Games in Hangzhou was held at the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Stadium in Zhejiang, and the Hong Kong delegation of China entered. Photo by Tomita of China News Agency

Hong Kong athletes won gold medals in rowing, fencing, swimming, rugby, golf, cycling and bridge, while the Hong Kong men's national football team reached the semi-finals of the Asian Games in a historic time. Mr Lee stressed that the HKSAR Government will continue to fully support Hong Kong athletes and the development of Hong Kong's sports.

The Chief Secretary for Administration of the HKSAR Government, Chan Kwok-kee, who attended the closing ceremony of the Asian Games held on the 8th, said that Hong Kong citizens are proud of the achievements of the Hong Kong delegation, and thanked Hangzhou for taking care of the Hong Kong delegation to China, allowing athletes to concentrate on the competition. He believes that the people of Hong Kong are deeply proud of the country's presentation of a sports event with "Chinese characteristics, Asian style and splendid beauty" to the world.

"Break through and make history yourself." On the 7th, before the bronze medal match between the men's football team of the Hangzhou Asian Games and the Uzbekistan team of Hong Kong, China, Huo Qigang, the head of the Hong Kong delegation, commented on the performance of the delegation in the Asian Games in eight words.

The Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region sent a congratulatory message to the Hong Kong delegation of the 8th Asian Games in Hangzhou on the 19th. The congratulatory message mentioned that at this Asian Games, the Hong Kong delegation of China united and worked hard and forged ahead, showing the spiritual outlook of Hong Kong athletes in the new era, reflecting the mission of the young generation of Hong Kong, China, and showing the world the good image of Hong Kong, China.

The congratulatory message pointed out: At present, Hong Kong is moving toward a new stage of governance and rejuvenation. It is hoped that the Hong Kong delegation will continue to carry forward the Olympic spirit and the Chinese sports spirit, lead Hong Kong compatriots to cultivate the feelings of family and country, sincerely support the principle of "one country, two systems", vigorously carry forward the mainstream values of loving the motherland and Hong Kong as the core and compatible with the principle of "one country, two systems", actively participate in building a beautiful Hong Kong, and make greater contributions to the great cause of building a strong country and national rejuvenation.