Urumqi, September 9 (Gou Jipeng) -- The first Xinjiang Forum on the Development of Human Rights was held at Xinjiang Normal University on 28 September, with the theme of "Freedom and Decentness: The Essential Characteristics of Labor of All Ethnic Groups in Xinjiang."

The first Xinjiang Human Rights Development Forum was held at Xinjiang Normal University on the 27th. Close-up photo of Zhang

At the forum, 12 experts and scholars from social science institutions and universities such as the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Chinese Minmin University, Nankai University, Xinjiang University, Xinjiang Normal University, Xinjiang Academy of Social Sciences and other social science institutions and universities shared their research results on respecting and protecting human rights in Xinjiang, especially the legitimate labor rights and interests of workers of all ethnic groups.

Xu Jianying, a researcher at the China Frontier Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said that in recent years, US politicians, scholars and media have been complicit in concocting Xinjiang-related lies including "forced labor", "Nazi-style concentration camps" and "genocide" in a vain attempt to serve its geostrategy by demonizing China's Xinjiang. In fact, the above lies are nothing more than diplomatic pressure by successive US administrations since the Carter administration to use human rights as a political stick to intervene in other countries.

Zhu Liyu, a professor at the Law School of Chinese Minmin University, also said that the so-called "genocide" and "forced labor" in Xinjiang are completely lies created by anti-China forces in the United States and the West. This is a means for Western countries to use the "ethnic issue" to restrain and divide China in the post-Cold War era in the international human rights struggle. This so-called "human rights attack" on China against Tibet, Xinjiang, and the protection of ethnic minorities will continue to be a common tactic used by Western countries in the coming years. In fact, Xinjiang attaches great importance to the protection of ethnic minority cultural rights and the development of ethnic minority culture, and has made good achievements in the spoken and written languages of ethnic minorities, the creation of ethnic minority literature and art, and the protection and inheritance of cultural heritage.

Wu Shur, an associate professor at the School of Political Science and Law of Xinjiang Normal University, who has long lived and conducted research in rural areas in southern Xinjiang, said that when the people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang are pursuing a better life through voluntary and decent labor, the United States and the West, out of panic and ideological prejudice against China's rapid development, have resorted to unprecedented despicable means to constantly concoct various Xinjiang-related fallacies in a vain attempt to realize the plot of "using Xinjiang to control China." (End)