In the past month, shootings and blasts linked to the ongoing gang conflicts have been directed both at gang members and at their relatives. In several cases, bystanders have also been injured and killed.

According to information to SVT, the police in Stockholm have a list of about 150 addresses where you can expect that violent acts can take place.

At the addresses live people in the criminal environment. But it is also about places where there are relatives, friends and companies that can be linked to gang criminals.

But even though the police know about these, there is no way to guard the allia.

– These inspections are carried out by the ordinary business at the same time as all other work is to be carried out. As the situation is now, there is no chance of having time to keep track of all these addresses, says a source with insight to SVT.

The Chief of Police: An Impossibility

Catrine Kimerius Wikström, chief of police in southern Stockholm, declined to comment on how many addresses the police are guarding. She says that they are monitoring as many people as possible, but that it is such a large number that it is not possible to keep an eye on them all.

"When we look at how many individuals move around in these criminal structures and then also identify each individual with relatives, we probably all understand how many people there are.

"It's impossible to be in all places at the same time.

According to Kimerius Wikström, they are therefore trying to prioritize among these addresses.

"What we are doing is working intensively to try to be in the most vulnerable places and try to get hold of the people who are central to this.