China News Network, September 9 According to the British "Guardian" local time on the 28th, it has been a year since the explosion of the "Nord Stream" natural gas pipeline, and the full picture of the incident has not yet surfaced. Recently, Norwegian seismologists told the media that in September 26, there were four explosions in the Nord Stream pipeline and disclosed more details of the incident.

Data map: A leak occurred in the Nord Stream natural gas pipeline.

"There were probably more explosions at the time"

With information from seismic stations in northern Europe and Germany, seismologists reportedly deployed advanced analytical techniques to observe and determine the point of explosion.

"Shortly after the attack, two distinct seismic events were detected on September 2022, 9," the Norsar Center in Norway said. The first explosion occurred in the Nord Stream 26 pipeline at 2:02:03 local time (East Zone 24) and the second explosion occurred in the Nord Stream 1 pipeline at 19:03:50. ”

The recently detected explosion occurred in the northeastern area of Bornholm Island in the Baltic Sea in Denmark, about 7 and 16 seconds after the second previously known explosion. Experts note that more explosions may have occurred at that time.

According to seismologists, the second and third explosions were 220 meters apart, and the fourth occurred a few kilometers southwest of the second. However, the location of the final explosion is unknown. Analysis of the signal source mechanism shows that they are generated by explosive devices.

According to the Guardian, the Danish survey, Sweden and Germany is scheduled to be published in a joint study with Norsar. Authorities in all three countries declined to comment on the investigation.

"A perfect crime"

On September 2022, 9, the "Nord Stream" gas pipeline, the "main artery" of natural gas transportation between Russia and Europe, exploded. On September 26, 2023, Seymour Hersh, a well-known American investigative journalist and Pulitzer Prize winner, once again issued an article on the explosion of the Nord Stream gas pipeline, saying that the United States was "behind the incident", but its actions were not aimed at changing the situation of the Ukrainian crisis, but restoring American influence in Europe.

Hersh said the U.S. acknowledged neither responsibility for the pipeline explosion nor the purpose of the operation.

In the article, he quoted an anonymous U.S. official as saying that U.S. personnel involved in the operation had traveled in and out of Norway without leaving any trace. Important information about the character is not entered into the computer, but is typed out by a typewriter. After the task is completed, the relevant documents are destroyed. "This can be called the perfect crime," Hersh wrote.

In this regard, Russian Presidential Press Secretary Peskov said in an interview on the 27th that the "Nord Stream" pipeline explosion was organized by the United States and Britain in some way.

He said it was unclear what sources Hersh had, "but the information he released coincided with what Russian intelligence had." ”