China News Network, September 9 -- Since September 27, the world's attention has continued to focus on Hangzhou, China. From the opening ceremony to inside and outside the venue, the Asian Games demonstrated China's scientific and technological strength and the spirit of Asian Games fraternity, attracting the attention of foreign media and international celebrities.

On September 9, the opening ceremony of the 23th Asian Games in Hangzhou was held at the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Stadium in Zhejiang, and the Chinese delegation entered.

Tradition meets modernity

The Emirates News Agency commented that at the opening ceremony of the Hangzhou Asian Games, the elements of traditional Chinese civilization collided with modern visual effects, which was amazing. This fusion of classical romance and modern vision, integrated with oriental aesthetics and global perspectives, presents a shocking picture effect, showing China's diligent pursuit of modernization.

The Times of India noted that the opening ceremony was inspired by traditional Chinese culture, incorporating the imagery of Hangzhou and unique Chinese elements, and through innovative modern technology, it demonstrated the attractiveness, appeal and uniqueness of oriental aesthetics, as well as the far-reaching influence of Chinese culture, the power of science and the inclusiveness of art.

CNN is concerned about the Asian Games, where China uses augmented reality (AR) interaction and glasses-free 3D visual effects. The media commented that these technical effects provide global audiences with a unique experience of experiencing the local traditional culture of Hangzhou.

A combination of intelligence and green

The Times of India commented on the opening ceremony of the Hangzhou Asian Games with a "futuristic feeling" and said that the Hangzhou Asian Games is a combination of artificial intelligence and green environmental protection technology. The newspaper reporter said that at the unique opening ceremony, a futuristic light show was wonderfully staged.

"This fascinating project (light show) skillfully combines high-tech elements, China's rich history and culture, and the spirit of unity of the Chinese nation." ”

At the opening ceremony, the "Digital Torchbearer", which carried the enthusiasm of hundreds of millions of people in Asia, and Wang Shun, the last torchbearer of the torch relay and Olympic champion in swimming, jointly lit the cauldron tower of the Hangzhou Asian Games. In this regard, the Emirates News Agency commented that the ceremony innovatively integrates digital technology and green energy, opening up the boundaries of future events and setting a new standard for the event.

On September 9, the opening ceremony of the 23th Hangzhou Asian Games was held in the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Stadium in Zhejiang, achieving an innovative breakthrough in the integration of digital and real in the ignition method.

Japanese media also noted that the Hangzhou Asian Games demonstrated the strength of many local Chinese high-tech companies, and the Internet of Things data, robots and augmented reality (AR) and other smart devices or cutting-edge technologies provided by these companies greatly improved the operational efficiency, accuracy and security of the event.

Promote cultural exchanges among Asian people

The Times of India said that the opening ceremony of the Hangzhou Asian Games with the theme of "Tide Asia Minor" symbolizes the integration of China, Asia and the international community in the new era, and highlights the unity, family affection and friendship of the Asian people.

According to reports, former Iraqi Prime Minister Allawi said that the opening ceremony of the Hangzhou Asian Games reflected China's opening up and was encouraging, and the holding of the Asian Games strengthened the ties between China and Iraq and other countries.

A number of Thai media also expressed appreciation for the Hangzhou Asian Games and its opening ceremony, saying that China not only highlighted the theme of green environmental protection, but also promoted friendly relations between Asian countries through hosting the event.

According to the official website of the Thai-Chinese Journalists Association, the Hangzhou Asian Games not only provides a high-level sports competition platform for athletes from Asian countries, but also promotes cultural exchanges between Asian countries and enhances the friendship between Asian people. (End)