Zach Nelson, known as the "Phone Destroyer," tested Apple's latest iPhone 15 Pro Max, but the result didn't go as well as in his usual tests.

The titanium phone has not been spared from Nelson's durability tests on Jerry Reg Everthing's YouTube channel, a test that is divided into several sections, including resistance to scratching, burning, and bending.

The new phone - which Nelson is testing - is the most powerful and expensive version of Apple; its price starts at $ 1200,<>, and the American company says that it uses fifth-class titanium metal in the manufacture of the phone's outer frame. With such a high price, Nelson found that the new phone had some problems with scratch, flame and bending tests.

The video began with a scratch test with a sharp blade at several levels depending on the friction force, and although glass is usually scratched at the fifth level and beyond, the iPhone 15 Pro Max was only scratched at the sixth level, and deeper grooves appeared at the seventh level, which is good.

Nelson then tried to scratch the phone's titanium frame covered with paint, and the scratches were visible. The camera lens was scratchy.

In the flame test, the phone screen was exposed to a flame from a lighter for a period of time without being damaged by this test.

Finally, the biggest surprise was in the bending test, as Nelson tried to bend the phone with his hands, and the back glass covering the back of the phone was quickly broken. This surprise — which Nelson says is the first on his channel — prompted the "phone destroyer" to retest with the iPhone 15 Pro, whose back glass withstood the test.

He then tested the burning of the titanium frame of the phone by a strong flame flame, and although the frame withstood the test, the high heat affected other parts of the phone such as the screen and internal components, as a message appeared indicating that the phone was exposed to extreme heat and could not work.