After a raid on the woman's apartment in Malmö, large quantities of narcotics, armored bullets, a homemade thermos bomb and a pistol were found. During the raid, in addition to the woman who lived in the apartment, a seventeen-year-old boy was also arrested. Later, another 25-year-old man was arrested.

The District Court sentenced the woman to seven years in prison for aggravated narcotics offences, particularly aggravated weapons offences and violations of the Flammable and Explosive Goods Act.

The Court of Appeal upholds the judgment

The verdict was appealed by all – but the Court of Appeal agrees with the district court regarding both the woman and the man aged 25.

The seventeen-year-old boy is still convicted of an aggravated weapons offence, but acquitted of a particularly serious weapons offence. That's after no trace of him has been found on any weapons. He will: