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With its ecological bonus, the French State offers a bonus to French people who buy an electric bike to boost the use of the latter... to the detriment of polluting cars. It is urgent to take advantage of it. Discover our top 5 best models!


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The ecological transition is underway. In any case, the State is trying to encourage the French to use environmentally friendly means of transport, starting with the bicycle. There are several aids intended to offer a financial bonus to households buying a bicycle. Thanks to the electric bike bonus, the State offers to start a boost of up to 400 euros maximum for individuals in exchange for the purchase of a new electric bike. In addition, conversion aid for old vehicles also includes financial assistance for the purchase of electrically assisted bicycles (e-bikes) for households that dispose of polluting vehicles. Finally, many cities and regions in France offered additional subsidies for the purchase of e-bikes. Eligibility amounts and requirements vary from region to region. And that's not to mention the fact that some companies offer their employees the "FMD" for "Sustainable Mobility Package", which allows them to benefit from a mileage allowance for the use of the electric bike to get to work. The "Sustainable Mobility Package" allowance is exempt from income tax and social security contributions within certain limits.

Once these aids are well understood, it's time to take the plunge and treat yourself to an electric bike! In "foldable" version, you will go quickly... and without hassle to transport it. So, before making your choice, discover our top 5 folding electric bikes:


  • The TODIMART foldable electric bike, for its robustness
  • The foldable electric bike COLORWAY, for daily commutes
  • The foldable electric bike HITWAY, for off-road
  • The foldable electric bike Moma Bikes, the most elegant
  • The HITWAY foldable electric bike, for city trips

Our top 5 foldable electric bikes

The TODIMART foldable electric bike, for its robustness

Our selection of foldable electric bike starts with this model from the brand TODIMART. This model of electric bike is very robust and designed for mountain bike enthusiasts and offers a great autonomy ranging from 40 to 100 km, depending on the use and terrain. The large 4-inch tires provide excellent grip and increased stability, making them an ideal choice for varied terrain, including mountain trails. The 48V/15Ah battery provides sufficient capacity for long journeys, and the electric motor assists the rider in difficult climbs and terrain. This electric bike can be a great gift for mountain bike enthusiasts who want to explore nature while still benefiting from electric support for longer journeys.


The foldable electric bike COLORWAY, for daily commutes

The COLORWAY electric bike is a 20-inch folding bike model designed for urban mobility and commuting. It offers two riding modes: electric assistance and all-electric mode, allowing cyclists to choose the level of assistance according to their needs. Equipped with a 36V 15Ah battery, this bike offers sufficient autonomy for urban journeys, with a range of about 40 to 60 kilometers depending on the riding conditions. The 250W electric motor provides pedaling assistance and speeds of up to 25 km/h, complying with European regulations on e-bikes. This electric bike is suitable for adults of all genders and is a practical and eco-friendly option for city travel, offering the flexibility of a foldable design for easy storage in small spaces.


The foldable electric bike HITWAY, for off-road

Our selection continues with the electric bike of the brand HITWAY. This folding electric bike offers a comfortable off-road ride. Powered by a 250W electric motor powered by a 36V/11.2Ah battery, this electric bike offers a maximum electric range ranging from 35 to 90 kilometers depending on the driving conditions and the level of assistance selected. It is designed for a variety of journeys, whether in the city or on rougher roads, thanks to its wide tires offering excellent grip. The foldable design makes it easy to store and carry, making it a convenient choice for city travel or outdoor adventures.


The foldable electric bike Moma Bikes, for its elegance

Another model in this ranking: the Moma Bikes model. This stylish bike is designed for urban mobility. It's equipped with 20-inch wheels and a lightweight aluminum frame, making it a convenient folding electric bike for city travel. The 36V 16Ah lithium-ion battery provides good range for urban journeys, allowing you to travel around 70 to 100 kilometres on a single charge depending on driving conditions.


The HITWAY foldable electric bike, for city trips

The HITWAY electric bike is a foldable city bike model designed for convenient and electric urban mobility. It is equipped with a 36V/8.4Ah lithium-ion battery, powering a 250W electric motor. This configuration offers an electric range that can reach between 35 and 70 kilometers, depending on how it is used and the terrain. This electric bike is suitable for daily city commutes and is designed to be foldable, making it easy to store in small spaces or transport it in a vehicle. It is an ideal choice for those looking for an eco-friendly and economical option for their urban travel, while taking advantage of electric assistance to facilitate journeys. "Well packaged, sturdy construction, easy to assemble. The bike is beautiful. I am 95kg and it easily supports my weight. In addition, the battery lasts longer than expected and the motor is very powerful. It can be driven on the beach and mountain road, which is very nice. I can also use it for groceries, suburban work to get to my daily work, and since my business is not far from my home, this electric bike is recommended," reads one of the many positive customer reviews.


What is the best foldable electric bike?

Choosing the best foldable electric bike depends on your specific needs, budget, and preferences. However, a few makes and models are generally well regarded. The Brompton Electric is appreciated for its build quality and compact folding mechanism. The Dahon Curl i8 is another popular choice thanks to its easy folding and stable ride. For high-end performance, the Tern Vektron S10 offers remarkable power and autonomy. Be sure to compare features like battery life, folded size, ride quality, and ease of use to find the foldable electric bike that best suits your needs.

Why choose a foldable electric bike?

Many households are now opting for foldable models. Foldable e-bikes offer a convenient and versatile urban mobility solution thanks to their ability to fold easily, making them compact for storage in tight spaces and easy to carry on public transport or the trunk of a car. Their maneuverability makes them ideal choices for navigating heavy urban traffic, they integrate seamlessly into multimodal transportation systems, and they contribute to financial and environmental savings while promoting health through the incorporation of exercise into daily travel. If you want to buy a folding bike, make sure the battery life meets your needs. The larger the battery, the greater the range, but this can increase the weight of the bike.

How to get the €500 bonus for the purchase of an electric bike?

To get the €500 bonus for buying an electric bike in France, you can follow these general steps, although the details may vary depending on specific regions and programs. First, check to see if your area or city offers a subsidy program for e-bikes, as these programs are often run locally. Next, make sure you buy an eligible electric bike that meets the program's criteria, such as maximum motor power and minimum battery life. Keep your purchase invoice carefully, as you will need to provide it as proof of purchase. Finally, follow the specific grant application procedure for your region, providing the required documents, such as the purchase invoice and the completed application form. Once your application is approved, you should receive the bonus of €500 or the amount specified by the program. Be sure to review the specific details and terms of your region's grant program to ensure you meet all requirements.

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