Yancheng, September 9 (Xu Shanshan) On September 26, the Global Coastal Forum Conference Symposium on Ecological Justice was held. At the meeting, the Higher People's Courts of Liaoning, Hebei, Tianjin, Shandong, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan and Jiangsu jointly signed the Strategic Alliance Agreement on the Integration of Judicial Protection of Coastal Wetlands, and issued the Logo of the Strategic Alliance for the Integration of Judicial Protection of Coastal Wetlands and the Yancheng Initiative for the Judicial Protection of Coastal Wetlands.

Yancheng coastal wetland. Photo courtesy of the Publicity Department of the Yancheng City Party Committee

Yang Linping, member of the leading party group and vice president of the Supreme People's Court, said that people's courts at all levels should fully promote the implementation of the "Wetland Protection Law of the People's Republic of China", properly handle the relationship between key tackling and coordinated governance in the field of wetland protection, continuously enhance the systematic, holistic and coordinated nature of wetland judicial protection, and run active justice through the entire work of wetland judicial protection.

Jiang Bixin, vice president of the China Law Society and vice chairman of the Advisory Committee of the Supreme People's Court, said that this symposium is of great significance to accelerate the process of improving the rule of law in the protection of coastal wetlands, use the power of the rule of law to serve the construction of ecological civilization and the construction of a beautiful China, and jointly promote the sustainable and healthy development of ecological civilization.

Xia Daohu, secretary of the party group and president of the Jiangsu Provincial Higher People's Court, said that he hopes to use the global coastal forum as an international ecological exchange and cooperation platform to consolidate the consensus of all parties, strengthen exchanges and cooperation, and use the power of justice to escort the protection and restoration of coastal wetlands.

"This seminar provides a very valuable learning opportunity and cooperation platform, we will carefully study and absorb the insights of experts, continuously improve ecological environmental protection measures, solidly promote the construction of ecological environment rule of law, and strive to draw a new picture of green ecology." Zhou Bin, secretary of the Yancheng City CPC Committee, said.

At the seminar, the participating experts and scholars and representatives of court practice departments discussed the theme of "China's Practice of Judicial Protection of Coastal Wetlands", and promoted the formation of a general pattern and alliance of integrated judicial protection of coastal wetlands. (End)