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Almost 30 years ago, actor Kevin Sorbo (65) reached the height of his career. Between 1994 and 1999, the American starred in the series Hercules: his legendary journeys and, later, between 2000 and 2005, he gave life to Captain Dylan Hunt in Andromeda. During his 11-year boom, Sorbo became one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood and his popularity soon opened the doors of cinema for him. In fact, after playing the son of Zeus, Sorbo has appeared in more than 50 films. Among them, Alien Storm and Left Behind: Rise of the Antichrist, released this year. However, the celeb today does not generate news for its work on screen, but for its strong opinions.

This September, Kevin Sorbo has surprised his fans by publishing a curious essay on Fox News. It's about Let's Make Hollywood Manly Again, a text about masculinity in the industry. "'Leave the salvation of the world in the hands of men? I don't think so!' joked Elastigirl in Pixar's The Incredibles in 2004... And, since then, feminist Hellen Parr has defined an anti-man spirit in Hollywood," he says. According to Sorbo, today films about women "bosses" predominate and the few remaining male ones "include an obligatory nod to the superior strength and independence of women."

"Everywhere we look, bold, confident and confident women eclipse passive men, who quietly take a back seat. They stay in the basement. In the past. For example, parents, in particular, have become the target of all Hollywood blows. Now they are shown to clumsy and useless idiots who do not contribute anything to their families, "he says and then make a curious reflection. "Could it be that Hollywood is afraid of good men? To admirable men. Those that we would like our sons to emulate and that our daughters were interested in going out with them," he writes.

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Subsequently, Sorbo says that "society has seriously misunderstood masculinity" and states that "cinema loves to extol androgynous men", such as Timothée Chalamet, which would be a mistake. The reason? Even men like Chalamet, who play "on the extreme end of the masculinity spectrum," could fall victim to an identity crisis, because they are not allowed to be themselves. "To conquer the world, men must conquer themselves... And, unfortunately, today men have been conquered," he announces.

"We have been subdued by alcohol, drugs, video games, pornography and other entertainment. If you are a victim of your own desires, feminist culture has won. You are exactly the kind of cowardly man they want you to be. The duty of the man of today is to rise above what society and the media say he is doomed to be and must become the servant leader that his family and community so desperately need. That's the kind of man Hollywood refuses to portray. And kids need heroes! That's why storytelling is an essential part of culture, throughout history," he writes.

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Finally, Sorbo concludes that there is nothing more relevant than "giving young men role models." "Enough of putting parents as a comic figure or imposing brutal He-Men who only abuse their strength. It's time for the entertainment capital to reintroduce good men: men who love their wives and children, protect them, fight for what's right, and stand up for the powerless. Men who, above all, have overcome their own selfish desires and are free to put others first. In the end, that's the most masculine thing any man can do," he says.

As a result of his essay, in the last hours, Kevin Sorbo has become a trend in the networks and thousands of people have discovered his unique ideology. Moreover, according to the actor himself, he is so "different" that his peculiarity has made the producers displace him and no longer be interested in him as before. "I was blacklisted and it was sad for me. My manager told me, 'We can't get you jobs anymore, because you're a Christian and conservative.' Hollywood asks you for tolerance and freedom of speech, but that only has a unique meaning and it's a shame," he explained, in an interview in August.

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Despite this, Sorbo does not lack work. Soon, he will premiere a biopic about Ronald Reagan and is promoting his film Miracle in East Texas, in which he works with his wife Sam Sorbo. Kevin and Sam met on the set of Hercules, where she had a tiny role and married in January 1998. Together they have three children: Shane, Octavia and Braeden, who – at 22 years old – already stands out as an actor. On the other hand, Sorbo today enjoys great health. A gift, according to the actor, who in 1997 suffered an aneurysm that caused three strokes.

Still, Kevin managed to pull through. "When everything happened, I feared for my future. I lost 10% vision in both my eyes. But I continued to work. I've made a lot of films since then, I'm still shooting films and for that I thank God. Faith is not something tangible, you cannot touch it. It is a belief, something that is within you... But you need it. And to continue I needed faith. I needed hope to push myself to keep going every day, despite what was happening to me. And God gave me those strengths, plus my family. They are the most important thing I have in life," he told CBN in 2022.