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With the blessing of the "Mid-Autumn Festival + National Day" 8-day super long holiday, the tourism market ushered in the "strongest" travel season in recent years. According to the data of the travel platform, long-term tours, "Asian Games tours" and museum tours are more popular, and the activity of outbound tourism has increased.

"Waiting for sale as soon as it starts", "It is more difficult to grab tickets than in previous years", "The number of people in line exceeds 8"... The Mid-Autumn Festival National Day holiday is approaching, and topics such as the inability to grab train tickets and accommodation price increases continue to ferment. Recently, data released by a number of travel platforms shows that with the blessing of the "Mid-Autumn Festival + National Day" <>-day super long holiday, the tourism market has ushered in the "strongest" travel season in recent years.

Among them, the long-term travel market for travel during the Mid-Autumn Festival National Day holiday grew rapidly, and the number of inquiries and bookings for outbound travel products also increased rapidly. As of September 9, the number of domestic travel product bookings for the Fliggy National Day holiday increased by nearly 18 times year-on-year, the long-term tour orders on the Tongcheng platform increased by more than 6% year-on-year, and the number of National Day trips on the Donkey Mother platform increased by 300% compared with the same period last year.

Domestic long-term travel dominates

The relevant person in charge of Donkey Mother told reporters that this year's Mid-Autumn Festival National Day holiday lasted for 8 days, and more tourists chose to go farther to give themselves and their families a holiday in sightseeing and cultural exploration. On this platform, long-term travel accounts for nearly <>%.

According to the "2023 Mid-Autumn Festival National Day Tourism Consumption Trend Forecast Report" released by Tongcheng Travel, during this year's National Day Golden Week, the long-term tourism market grew rapidly, among which the popularity of related tourism products in Xinjiang, Tibet, Qinghai, Ningxia, Heilongjiang and other provinces dominated by long-term tours increased by more than 300% year-on-year.

This year's Mid-Autumn Festival National Day holiday coincides with the Hangzhou Asian Games, and some tourists choose to "fly" to Hangzhou for "watching the games + traveling". According to Fliggy data, the popularity of air ticket bookings destined for Hangzhou has increased by more than 9% year-on-year since September.

In addition to popular cities, some niche destinations are also popular with tourists. From the current booking situation of Wooden Bird B&B, the orders of B&B in Yanbian, Beihai, Zhuhai, Nanchang, Foshan and other places have exceeded the same period in 2019 by 6 times.

In terms of outbound travel, Jia Jianqiang, founder and CEO of 6-person tour customized tours, introduced that the outbound tourism market during the National Day Golden Week has recovered strongly under the circumstances of the release of the third batch of outbound group tour lists of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the 3-day Super Golden Week of the National Day Mid-Autumn Festival, and the acceleration of the recovery of international routes. The distance of outbound travel is also gradually expanding from the "8-hour flight circle".

Li Mengran, media public relations manager of Zhongxin Travel Group, said that on the eve of the National Day Golden Week, many countries issued visa-free policies to further promote the recovery of the outbound travel market, among which Thailand is the most obvious recovery. With the opening of the third batch of tourist destinations, the products of European destinations can be better and more effectively connected, and the destination market is gradually active.

Parent-child travel drives "museum fever"

"According to the analysis of the registration of Zhongxin Tourism Mid-Autumn Festival National Day products, all major scenic spots in China have entered the best viewing period for autumn scenery, and autumn viewing has become the main purpose of travel." Li Mengran introduced.

The relevant person in charge of Donkey Mother said that from the perspective of popular domestic destinations and representative gameplay, cultural theme tours of ancient capitals such as Beijing, Xi'an and Luoyang, IP theme parks such as Guangzhou, Shanghai, Zhuhai + connected tours of surrounding cities, Kundali, Lanzhou Dunhuang Zhangye Jiayuguan "Hexi Corridor" tours, Xinjiang Kanas Northern Xinjiang Ring Road, Inner Mongolia Hulunbuir Grassland Golden Autumn Tour and other natural scenery and history and culture are all popular choices.

In addition, the 8-day long holiday makes the demand for parent-child travel also usher in a wave of concentrated release after the summer vacation. According to Tuniu's data, 45% of the Mid-Autumn Festival National Day travel users traveled with their children, driving the "museum craze" to continue.

According to the data of Wooden Bird Homestay, during the Mid-Autumn Festival National Day holiday this year, the Palace Museum in Beijing, Nanjing Museum, Chengdu Museum, Suzhou Museum, Hubei Provincial Museum, Shaanxi Museum and other places will become popular check-in places for parent-child travel, and the number of orders and consultation searches for surrounding homestays will both increase.

During this year's National Day holiday, "traveling with the show" is still a popular entertainment method for young people. According to incomplete statistics, there have been nearly 100 concerts and music festivals in various parts of the country during this year's National Day holiday, which has fully driven the local tourism enthusiasm.

In terms of tourism gameplay, the "stamped tourism" that began to become popular this summer has become a new favorite of young people. Tongcheng travel data shows that among the popular travel keywords related to the Mid-Autumn Festival National Day holiday this year, "seal" ranked second on the list, second only to self-driving tours. Cheng Chaogong, chief researcher of Tongcheng Research Institute, pointed out that stamp tourism brings more fun and ritual to young tourists' travel, and promotes travelers' diversity and willingness to explore attractions.

Many places have introduced preferential policies to attract tourists

As an important tourism node in the second half of the year, various places have also actively introduced various measures to attract tourists. In Inner Mongolia, for travel agency enterprises, the local cultural and tourism department continued to introduce the incentive policy of "special tourist trains, charter flights and attracting tourists". From September 9 to October 15, regardless of the overnight tourists in the region or outside the district, those who travel in Inner Mongolia organized by travel agencies can enjoy special incentive policies, overnight tour groups can receive up to 10 yuan per person-time subsidy, and tourist charter flights and special trains can receive up to 31,50 yuan and 10,4 yuan respectively.

The Department of Culture and Tourism of Guizhou Province and relevant enterprises jointly launched cultural tourism "gift packages", including the launch of "Village BA" village super boutique tourism route; The province's state-owned scenic spots above 3A level implement the "one-ticket multi-day use system"; Some urban residents enjoy free admission to state-owned A-level scenic spots.

In order to provide preferential convenience for the majority of tourists, activate the tourism market, and stimulate cultural tourism consumption, Jiangsu Xuzhou Han Cultural Tourism Festival has also launched a series of preferential treatment and consumption promotion measures, 40 A-level scenic spots in the city are open for free, and other scenic spots have launched corresponding preferential policies in combination with actual conditions; Issuance of cultural tourism consumption coupons; advocate for free parking spaces; Launched a series of cultural tourism products, including boutique routes, high-quality tourism resources, tourist passports, gourmet tourism maps, etc.

It is understood that from September 9 to October 22, Haikou, Hainan Province, focused on the main problems related to the tourism and cultural industry, such as illegal organization of tourism, low-cost solicitation, false advertising, travel preferential cards, forgery and resale of concert tickets, hotel room price management, etc., to carry out special rectification and strengthen the comprehensive supervision of holiday tourism and cultural markets.

Yang Zhaokui (Source: Workers' Daily)