Among other things, the municipality has been inspired by the district of Rinkeby in Stockholm, where social workers have worked in the same building as the police for several years and achieved results.

Among other things, it has been seen that the social workers have been able to handle cases from the police more quickly when they sit together with the youth group's investigators.

– We are positive about this and the model already exists in Västerås, which we have also looked at, says Oscar Nissfolk, local police area manager in Eskilstuna.

If everything goes according to plan, the idea is that social workers will move in with the police next year. The project, which will be run as a pilot for one year, will then be evaluated. The project is in the start-up phase and how many social workers it involves is unclear.

Can distrust among young criminals increase towards social services when working in this way with the police? Hear Elisabeth Kantor respond in the clip above.