The police have not yet received any reports nor initiated a preliminary investigation, but have heard through contacts that the phenomenon has been talked about for some time.

– Why we are reacting so strongly now is because it is directed at young people via social media, says Ulrika Helgemo, acting group manager for the fraud group.

Pyramid scheme

Pyramid schemes involve all participants entering with a bet and making a percentage profit by recruiting new participants. The more participants that join, the more people must be recruited.

"You always have to recruit more people, if you don't manage that, the whole pyramid collapses and then you lose all your money. But we don't know if this is actually happening yet," says Ulrika Helgemo.

Police: be careful

Police urge young people and parents to be alert and careful about where they choose to invest their money.

"Network selling in itself is not illegal, but if it turns into pyramid schemes, it is illegal, plus you can lose a lot of money.

Hear Ulrika Helgemo about what to pay attention to in order not to be fooled.