When both Norrlandsfonden and Almi dropped out of the hotel project in Junsele in August, the municipality, despite already made decisions, had to do a rethink and take the issue one step further.

To be decided today

On Monday, the decision reached its final destination in the city council, which politically decides the hotly debated creditor issue. There was a resounding majority of 30 votes for the municipality to vouch for the hotel – against 13 against and two abstained. All S-marked members and the Rural Party expressed reservations against the decision.

That the municipality must provide a guarantee of SEK 20 million is a demand from one of the investors, Danske Bank.

When Norrlandsfonden and Almi dropped out, a new, still secret, investor appeared. The municipality notes that "a Swedish business grouping" is behind it, but they want "the right to publish their own investment".

Secret investors and secret agreement

When the members today hammered through the bail issue, it was without having the full picture of who will finance the hotel.

The politicians in the council also have no knowledge of the agreement between the Junsele company Loke Shiny AB, which will ensure that the hotel is built – and the hotel giant Marriott's chain, which will include the facility in Junsele.

The municipality notes that the agreement is subject to business secrecy and that it has therefore "ensured that an official appointed by the municipal manager with a requirement of absolute confidentiality may read the agreement".

In the clip: Hear municipal commissioner Johan Andersson (C) about the road to the decision, and Ulrika Frestadius (M) about why she abstained.